The 60 x 60 List


1.   Big 60th birthday trip with Ann D., Peggy, Liddy, Anne M. and Allison. May need to be a year or three early.    We traveled. Wasn't BIG but it was a 60th trip.
2.   Go to The Orange Show  (Went!)
3.   See an Art Car Parade  (This one was fun!)
4.   Performance at Red Rock in Denver (see one, not be in one)  (Substituted...)
5.   Go to the Opera and or the Ballet
6.   Go to the Symphony (Spent the evening.)  (And went for real!)
7.   Learn Calligraphy.
8.   Make baby quilts again   (Quilting) (And done quilting)
9.   Start a blog that I actually let people read (Done)
10.  Start a business that makes money – even if it is only $10.00  (Hello, Lemonade stand!!) (Plotting.  Remains to be seen whether money will be made.) (Planned and executed. No money made YET!)
11. Get something published
12. Take a snow skiing lesson (Tried, really I did.)
13. Thanksgiving at the beach
14.  Nutcracker Market-never been, need to go. (Went)
15.  Cozumel
16.  Write a letter every day for a week (Written)
17.  Draw every day for a month – at least (Start here)
18.  Paint a picture. (Painted)
19.  Go up in a hot air balloon-and come down again!
21.  Go to brunch Planned and Eaten
22.  Surprise a friend in another city for lunch (Surprised!)
23.  Get Cable- maybe wait until all the kids are gone. Heehee (Got it- finally- here and here.)
24.  Organize all those photos
25. See a concert- live music. (Baskery)
26. Send a Thank you Note every Wednesday (for the rest of my life)  (Thanks)
27. Jewelry making- refresh the silver soldering lessons
28. Learn to shoot a gun
29. Plan my funeral  Planning and planning.
30. Spend a day saying “yes” ( Did it. )
31. Have a solstice party (Partied.)
32. Snowcone on the first day of summer or the last day of school  (Ate it.)
33. Send flowers to a friend that needs them (Sent and then some.)
35. Go to my 40th High School Reunion (Practicing, plotting and went.)
36. Find a “signature” fragrance or two. (Working on it.) (Smells good.)
37. Spend a rainy day in my jammies- no matter what anyone else says (Practiced) (And done.)
38. Learn all anyone needs to know about the 18th amendment -this amendment was chosen at random while brainstorming with some friends.  (Reading and studying.)
39. Grow a vegetable   (Planted.) (and Harvested.)
40. Make a cake from scratch for someone's birthday (Baked and eaten.)
41. Enter something into the fair – either the Ft. Bend County Fair or maybe even the Chaffee County Fair   (Entered.)
42. Do a charity walk  (Done!)
43. Get that colonoscopy (Done.)
44. Read a book a week for a month  (Books here)
45. Spend one day a week on a radio station that I don’t normally listen to. i.e: explore Sirius Radio.
(That adventure here)
46. Have a dinner party  (Served and Eaten.)
47. Pay for someone else’s coffee, meal, toll.  (Paid here and here.)
48. Call someone I haven’t spoken to in a year.  (Phoned it in.)
49. Make a new friend- can that be put on a list and done? We’ll see.  (Working on it.)
      And done. And done.
50. Build a snowperson  (Built)
51. Learn to knit or crochet.  (I learned. Just not proficient. Yet.)
52. Museum of Fine Art Houston. Spend the day. (Spent the evening.)
53. Go to a lecture of someone interesting.   (Went but wasn't really interested.)
54. Go to dinner in Salida by myself, sit at the bar and be fearless rather than eating frozen pizza at the cabin alone   (Ate it!)
55. See a Polo match
56. Watch Forrest Gump from start to finish. I have never seen this movie in its entirety although I have seen bits of it. Apparently it is a movie that needs to be watched.   (Watched.)
57.  Go to an ice hockey game. Then I think I will have seen a professional one of everything sports wise.
58.  Fly fishing- take a lesson. 
59. Learn 300 words of a new language. Maybe French, maybe Swahili.  (And thanks, Harvey. I stole your challenge.) Learning. Slowly.
60.  Hit five restaurants in Houston that I have never been to before. We eat out all the time but always end up at the same places. Time to branch out. (Restaurant #1) (Restaurant #4) (Restaurant #3) (Restaurant #2) (Tried Restaurant #5) (Restaurant #5) (Restaurant #5 again for real in Houston)
Honorary 61. Go to Bishops Castle. Wasn't on the list but should have been.   And I went!
Honorary 62. Chihuly Art Glass Exhibit.  Amazing!

I still have a few unfinished from the 60 x 60 list but here's some to add to it.

63. Try at least 12 new restaurants in 2016.   I've already hit one new one.  Actually two. Updates to come. 
64.  South Padre Island.   Never been. Going the end of February.   Beached it.
65. Travel to states I've never been to before.  How many can I do?    Heading to Mississippi at the end of this month. I've driven through before but never stopped. This time I'm spending a night.  One!
66. Go skinny dipping. Bonus points if it is in the ocean or a lake. Doesn't count in my backyard pool.
67. Have a cocktail party.
68. Fly in a helicopter.
69. Learn to milk a goat or cow.  (Heather, I'm counting on you!).
70. Go to a Presidential library.
71. Plan and execute a picnic. Not a PB&J picnic but a real food, wine, dessert picnic. Ate it. Overachieving and ate another one!
72. Write a letter, seal it and open it in 10 years. 
73. iFly.... do it.   I seem to have a fascination with leaving the ground. Truthfully I love nothing better than getting in a plane and going anywhere.
74. This book. Do it.   I realized even if I wrote in it EVERY SINGLE DAY it would take almost two solid years to complete it. So my goal is to fill in every single page, even if it takes me ten years.  Which it might. I'll share my stories as I go.

75. Downsize. Not sure how it will take place but do it.
76. Learn a little carpentry. Beginning, almost, and Voila!

      77. Continuing education: take a class.   I'm already signed up for One Day U in April.  May or may not make it at this point.  (Missed it. But I'll get there.)
      78.  Get all that "old person" paperwork together.  Update wills, create DNRs and POAs. 
      79. Graceland.   Always seemed like it would be a hoot but now that I realize Bunny will only be an hour away from Graceland next year, it's definitely on the list. Went!
      80. Change out a light fixture.  Something I've always let the hubs do even though it looks incredibly easy.  An addition to my carpentry and plumbing skills!  Put up a light!
      81. Barcelona. Or maybe Portugal.  Or Greece. I've been to Northern Europe. Need to expand my horizons. Barcelona has been coming up all over the place recently so it is tops on my list. But I'm flexible.
      82.Visit a marijuana dispensary. WENT!
      83. Kentucky Derby.  Go. It's a bit of a dream but dreams can come true.
      84. Have my Tarot cards read or maybe my palm.    Did it!

      85. Segway. Ride one.
      86. Museums!! How many can I go to? Museum of Fine Arts- Houston,  Museum of Natural Science- Houston
      87. Fiesta in San Antonio. Probably last time I was there, I was maybe 8 years old.  Always wanted to go back.    Fiesta-d Here.  Y aquí.  Y aquí tambien.
      88. Make home made tamales  ¡Los hizo!
      89. Go to a Drag Show.... drag queens, not drag racing, but maybe drag racing also... Dragged myself there...
      90. Twelve new restaurants for 2017!
             rise no.2 
             Off the Vine Bistro
             The Kitchen at Dunlavy
             Hopdoddy Burger Bar
             Bar Louie

      91. Freeze myself: Try Cryotherapy  Frozen
      92.  Visit the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern under downtown Houston.  Visited.
      93.  Become more involved politically. Sigh.  Working on it.
      94.  Have my picture taken with dad's brick paver at Lighthouse for the Blind in Houston.
      95.  Go to the Farmers Market in Sugar Land  (and elsewhere?)  Spent the morning there.
      96.  Houston Miller Outdoor Theater- see a show.   Saw one. 
      97.  Go to a Plantation. I saw a friend post a Plantation tour on her FB page and was intrigued. This is such a part of the history of the south, I feel like I need to see one for myself.
      98.  Brewery Tours!  Why not? I've done quite a few.  Micro breweries are multiplying like cockroaches, so why not see how many I can visit!?
      99.  A Civil War Battlefield. Maybe more than one. Maybe one from another war? (Darn, I'd have to travel.)  I didn't even realize there was such a thing to visit until I did. Now that I've seen one, I'm intrigued.
      100. Shibori tie dyeing!
      101. Read all the works of one author.  Jane Austen? John Irving? Gabriel García Márquez?  I'll have to pick one. 
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