04 December 2012

Playing Secret Santa

No. 47: Pay for someone else’s coffee, meal, toll.

This morning in honor of December and the holiday spirit and the need to have something to blog about, I decided to knock out No. 47.

This is one of those things that I have always wanted to do. Planned to do. Just never did. 

A random act of kindness. I love that.

So…driving through McDonald’s for my morning ice tea (unsweetened with lemon, please) I decided to just do it.
Please pull forward...

I got to Window #1 to pay and asked how much for the car’s bill behind me.  

“You gonna pay it??  It's $3.09” 

I told the cashier  I was playing “Secret Santa”. I paid for my $1.08 tea and some lady’s $3.09 breakfast and it made my morning. It felt great!

The guy at the window was grinning like he was in on a BIG surprise. And the woman behind me waved thanks.

I’m sure she told everyone at work or wherever she was headed what happened on her way in.

I’m sure the cashier told everyone working with him.

I told no one because it was good enough to just be in on the secret.  Well, until now.

So an executive decision has been made to do this every time I hit a drive through in the month of December. I'm paying for any order behind me under $5.00.  Playing Secret Santa was GREAT fun and I just can’t imagine getting more bang for five bucks any other way.
Happiness is a large, unsweetened ice tea with lemon. Honest.

And no- I won’t tell you what kind of car I’m driving so you can follow me through Chick Fil A/McDonald's/Chick Fil A/ Jack in the Box/Chick Fil A.  (Guess where I spend most of my drive through time and money? At Chick Fil A they recognize my voice and know my order.  Sad, yes, I know.)

So my challenge to you readers is this: next time you go to the drive through, ask how much is the bill for the car behind you. If you can afford it, pay it. Say you, too, are playing “Secret Santa”.  Feel great for making someone else’s day.   

Maybe we can start a trend.  

If you want to be a "Secret Santa" on a grander level in the Houston area, click here.

For more than you ever wanted to know about the drive through, click here.

Yes, I know that treating people in my fairly affluent little area is not helping the truly poor or needy. BUT I think everyone can use a treat now and then and you never know when one little gesture will turn someone's day around. 

Not a paid advertisement for any of the above mentioned restaurants.

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