20 August 2014

By Accident. No. 18:Paint a Picture

No. 18: Paint a Picture

You know how sometimes you start on something and don't really realize where it will end up?

Or is that just me?

Anyway, that's what happened with No. 18: Paint a Picture.
I had posted back in July how inspired I was by a friend and her abstract painting. And I had all kinds of plans to do my own abstract.
But this summer has flown and no painting was done. At least no large abstract acrylic paintings. Which is what I had in mind.

Instead what happened is a wonderful friend did me an ENORMOUS favor.

I needed to move my horse. The beginning of July she called me and said "let's do this" and came and picked me and the horse up and took us both out to his new digs and set us up.

Picasso at his new home inspecting the grass
while his new friends inspect him.

And then we discovered he was a bit lame.

So while I was in Colorado at the end of July, she took him to the vet to have his legs looked at. Again, a huge favor to load up this big animal, cart him off to the vet, wait while he was x-rayed and examined and then bring him back home. O! And ply him with cookies because he is such a good boy.

And since I had a little time on my hands I got the idea to do a pencil sketch of two of her horses.
She has a Facebook photo of them and I have always thought it was a great pic.

Jester and Gabriel

So I sketched.

 And added a bit of water color  pencil.

Then I added a little water to the pencil, making it a water color...

And then I got carried away and got the real water colors out.

Not sure I am happy with how red Jester (on the left)  turned out. 

But I may redo it all anyway.  Or not.

And then I realized. No. 18 is done. 

And my friend Megan is amazing.

Megan, Gabriel, Me and Picasso
Walking because Mr. P started to limp. 

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