06 April 2017

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Right down the street from me, every Saturday morning, there is a Farmer's Market.

Farmers Market and More!

I've only been once.

I mean, this place is literally just down the street. Walking distance.  Yet I've only been one time, shortly after it opened.

So this past Saturday, I made my second visit.

The Farmer's Market is at the old Imperial Sugar Factory.  While the factory has long been closed, the buildings are still there.  (Well, most of them. Some of them we watched get imploded. LOVE to watch a building fall down.) Eventually this old factory will be turned into retail and living space but first the old space has to be catalogued (this is the history of Sugar Land we are talking about) and emptied out and Goodness knows what else. In the interim, some of the main level space has been turned into a Children's Museum and the outdoor area has the farmer's market.

Implosions start early. 
If you've never seen one, you should go.
This was my second. 

"Fire in the hole!" 
They really do yell that. 
And then ....BOOM!



Next comes the white structure.
It took a few tries until....


It's small but fun and you could definitely have breakfast AND lunch there. In addition to the typical  fruits and veggies there are local farms with grass fed beef, bakeries and local honey. Of course there are a few stands with jewelry and candles also.

 Hair bows, chickens, and baked goods. 
All in a row.

 Of course, produce.

Look at that beautiful head of greens. 
Not sure what it is, but it looks healthy.

Well behaved dogs are allowed (So, of course, Carlos did NOT go. He's unpredictable in crowds.)  Music is playing out by the picnic tables. It was a fabulous way to kill some time on a Saturday morning.

No purchases were made, but I still had a fun time wandering.


And I'm sorry about the sporadic postings. Changes are happening around here which have kept me busy.
We had a new roof put on Monday/Tuesday and on Wednesday the hot water went out.  Suspecting they were related, I called the roofers first. Somehow we had lost a vent cover between the roof and the water heater and we were lucky that the pilot light had gone out, also.

This little vent hood had popped off and gotten lost 
while the roofers were roofing. 
They replaced it, I re-lit the pilot light and I can hear that baby percolating away.
Hot shower, here I come!

A rearranged morning and a couple of trips by the roofers and we are back in business. I have to say I am super impressed by this company, Ochoa Roofing, and they have done a super job.

Tonight I'm headed to Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston for a free show of "Footloose, the Musical".  (Can you believe, I never have seen the original movie? ) The weekend will be spent visiting a friend in Austin.

The weather is beyond fabulous and life is good.

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