15 August 2016

Having my cards read, No. 84

Having my Cards Read: No. 84 

No. 84 is have my Tarot cards read.
The Aspen Arts Festival just happened to have a Tarot card/Palm reading booth. Fifteen minutes for $30.00.
I was on that like white on rice.

Me, Claudia, Cards
Do I look excited?! 

My guide to the future was Claudia from Aspen Intuitives*. She and her partner Ruby do Tarot card readings and astrological readings.

While waiting my turn I heard Claudia asking the girl in front of me what questions she needed answers to. Hmmm. I decided right then to offer up the least amount of information possible on myself. Didn't want to "lead" her answers.

Nevertheless, she started out so "spot on" that I was open mouthed.

Can't complain if the first card describing me is Victory.

Most of the cards were positive although I need to get my financials under control in the next five years or I will be a bag lady in my 80s. But sometimes I think that may be everyone's fate.

 Power, Completion, The Priestess, Success
Sounds good so far...

Life is going to be good. Changes are going to be made. 

My future
A powerful woman, Art and Lovers

Is it the power of suggestion? Do the cards tell your fate or do you alter your actions to conform with the fate that has been predicted? 

I don't know but we shall see.

Yes, the future is looking mighty fun.

Some of the cards that I look at now I think maybe she white washed what they meant. Or maybe not. Everything is open to interpretation.

Cruelty and Death followed by Abundance? 
Sounds scary but probably just means hard changes with happy outcomes. 

Have you ever had your cards read or your palm read?

I am a bit of a skeptic but not entirely. I think there are a lot of things that our subconscious controls without our realizing it.   The world works in mysterious ways. I was the one choosing the cards and my hand definitely gravitated towards certain cards, even though they were unseen to me. (face down)

On an interesting note, way back in the late 60s my mother threw an Age of Aquarius party for my father's birthday complete with a Card and Palm reader.  Brother Paul and I were having our futures foretold and I remember one thing in particular. She told Paul that he would end up having a scar on his face. Paul was in high school and sooo handsome. Just a heart throb. He was frequently mistaken for David Cassidy which was a big thing back in the day. So the idea of a scar on his face? HA. Not going to happen.

Partying down in the 60s.

But guess what?
In the 80s, he was driving a little john boat down Caney Creek and hit a log. His fiancé was dumped off the front of the boat, he cranked the motor so he wouldn't hit her and flipped himself out. Into the water and under the boat motor. Fortunately he put his arm up so it didn't get his eye, but there was a slash through cheek, arm, and forehead.
The local hospital did the basics and said "Take him home and find a plastic surgeon." I remember the car ride home. He could stick his tongue out the side of his face.
Yes, he had a scar. 


The Princess of Swords:
a forceful and determined woman 

Hard to say but I'm going with my future is so bright, I'm gonna need shades.

* Not a paid or sponsored or reimbursed plug. I tried it, I paid for it, I loved it. 
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