28 December 2012

Nos. 26 and 37- Thankful to be a Slug

No. 26- Send a Thank You Note every Wednesday (for the rest of my life)
No. 37-Spend a rainy day in my jammies- no matter what anyone else says

Hopefully my life won't be ending so I can't truly say I have sent thank yous for the rest of my life BUT I have been sending thank yous every Wednesday for the last two months. It is really a lovely habit to acquire.

And I haven't managed to spend a WHOLE day in my jammies but I certainly have been practicing.

A quick explanation of why I haven't been able to accomplish this: my husband is a fanatic about getting up, getting dressed and getting "the day started". Every day.  It's something we don't agree on.  I think being lazy occasionally has its merits.
I call it "recharging".

But today I managed to combine the two goals.

Over my birthday weekend my friend Diana was here and while it stormed, we sacked up to watch the first season of Downton Abbey.  I'm not a big TV watcher but have been intrigued by all the buzz around this show. Diana also had not seen it, so we commandeered the Netflix and watched all of Season One. On Sunday. In our jammies.

The excellent cast of this excellent show.
(photo here)

They say "Practice makes Perfect" so today, while the wind blew and the temperature never rose above 50, I stayed in my jammies (again) tucked under the down comforter and watched Season Two. (A lovely present from my husband for Christmas. Thank you, Amazon, for the nice gift wrap!)   I did surface long enough to get lunch and go to the cleaners- two errands that required me putting on real clothes. So No. 37 hasn't been totally completed- but I am getting better at it.

And since it is Wednesday AND the day after Christmas, it seemed the perfect day to write thank you notes.  According to Letitia Baldridge (New Manners for New Times) a thank you note should be written every time you are:
Given a present
Invited for a weekend  or
The recipient of a favor.

Certainly after Christmas we all have presents to be thankful for.

And I assure you, there is nothing as inspiring as watching a Masterpiece Theatre show about the English Upper Class to get you in the spirit of writing a proper letter.  They KNOW their etiquette.

So pen in hand, I thanked everyone who gave me a Christmas present.
Pens and papers and stamps, oh my!
(And the remote)

Because really, don't you love getting a real letter in the mail?
Not to mention, don't you love being acknowledged for your efforts?

Write a thank you note. Make the world a more civil place.

And coming on Monday: Some of my favorite thank you notes that I have received.

Not paid advertising for any of the companies mentioned.  Just companies I use/watch/buy from. 

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