16 January 2017

FROZEN: Not the Disney Movie

FROZEN: Not the Movie  and Not a Tale from the Cabin

No. 91 has just been added to the list. It's Freeze Myself.   And why in the world would I want to do that? 

Because right around the corner from my house is a Restore:Cryotherapy store and because my sadistic husband got me a gift card to go. Sadistic, because they literally freeze your body. 

What is cryotherapy? It's a bit like a dry ice bath. (As in not wet, not bathing in dry ice.) You enter a chamber that is cooled down with liquid nitrogen to about -230º and stay there for maybe 3 minutes. All of your blood rushes to protect your core and becomes super oxygenated. When you leave the chamber all of that happy blood rushes back into your  limbs, making you feel energized and ummm... frozen.  And there is actual science behind it.  It's not just hoohoo hokum.

Supposedly bringing your core temp down for brief periods gives you energy, gets rid of weight and cellulite, reduces inflammation, helps you heal and gives you gold plated blood.  Ok, maybe not that last one. It's actually considered physical therapy but all those other good things are just bonus benefits.

I had the gift card, so off I went.

 O. Did I tell you that you are essentially NAKED while you are in the chamber??   So you don't get frostbite they give you kneesocks, slippers and big mittens to put on. You do get to keep your panties on.  Everything else is gone. Moving around is required to prevent frostbite. Doesn't that sound like fun? 

In the interest of learning and sharing new experiences, I sacrificed tortured treated myself to 2.5 minutes of way below freezing temps. My legs felt like ice picks were attacking them. I danced around trying to keep all the important bits warm(ish). And I survived. When you step out of the little chamber, it feels like your legs might buckle. They don't. They just wish they could. But then..... quickly, just as they said it would, all of the blood rushes back to your extremities and Voilá! you feel...GOOD. A little energized. Definitely cool to touch. My skin felt smoother. I slept well last night, sound sleep being another benefit.  Nothing miraculous but maybe...maybe it does do something for you. I'm not 100% sold but possibly I should try it a few more times. 

And if you aren't interested in trying it yourself? You can watch me...I suffer so you don't have to.
The sadistic cackling in the background is the hubs and the attendant. They were having all kinds of fun. At my expense. 
 Here I am getting in to the torture liquid nitrogen chamber...

If you can't see the video, click here

And this is after I have been in there a bit...
notice my face towards the end.
I'm really really ready to get out.

And if you can't see this video, click here

So there you have it.  My version of Frozen.
No. 91 has been defrosted.

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