21 April 2014

No. 10: Start a Business that Makes Money

No. 10: Start a Business that Makes Money…Hopefully

OK. A few of my challenges do involve events that are out of my control.
I must not have been thinking clearly when I was coming up with the list.

So "Start a Business" can be done.   "Make Money" remains to be seen.

In my dreams!

But let me tell you, this has been too much fun and so educational.

And again, this was one of those things that "other people" do that always intimidated me.

I have many friends that have made and sold stuff and had businesses big and small.  Just the thought of it all over whelmed me.  But you know, it's not all that hard. And I'm not in jail yet.

The hardest part was coming up with a name that wasn't already taken.  Those domain names are a challenge.

Thanks to computer classes being required in high school these days, I have had in-house tech help.  Bunny wins the Patience Award for answering all my questions. The website should be live in a couple of days.

There is an Etsy account set up with products online.

The new business has an Instagram account. A logo of sorts. And a Facebook page.

I have a sales tax license.

And I'm working on a DBA. Well, sweet brother is looking into it for me.  I read those instructions online about a million times and still had no clue what to do.   The sales tax people were much more informative.

There will be a big introduction on Thursday.

I'm still tweaking.

Stay tuned.

(If you want a hint at what the business is, click here.  Everything will be live for Thursday's post.
Cross your fingers.  I'm crossing mine!)
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