14 December 2019

No. 13: Thanksgiving at the Beach

No. 13: Thanksgiving at the Beach

Below is the post I wrote a week before Thanksgiving, scheduled to post on the Tuesday before Turkey Day.   So much for making plans. 

It's funny how things work out.

When I put No. 13 on the list, I always assumed it would be Thanksgiving in Florida with Belle or maybe another Thanksgiving in Cozumel like we did as a family when the kids were little.  I even considered Thanksgiving in Galveston.   But that's about as far as my mind went when it came to beaches.

And then someone new sees the list and says "Hey. I can help with Thanksgiving at the beach."

Which is how I'm ending up spending this Thanksgiving at the beach in Oregon!

A totally new state for me.
Certainly a new beach.
And with a lot of family, none of it my own.

It's hard with three kids in three different states.
The Big Guy doesn't really like to fly.
Bunny has to work the day after Thanksgiving.
Belle has already done Texas this month and has travel plans for December, so she isn't leaving Florida.

Where I live in Colorado is really hard to get to.

So. Thanksgiving at the beach in Oregon.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and I will report back on No. 13.

Instead, on the day that I was supposed to drive to Denver to meet my friend Diana for lunch before flying out on Monday, I woke up with a fever. And cramps. And ...ahem...intestinal distress. And when I stood up...I fell down. I now know the meaning of "orthostatic". It isn't much fun.  Then my intestines decided that a good ol' bleed would get my attention.

A quick call to my sweet neighbor and off I went to the ER while Carlos was whisked away to his pre-set date with the kennel.   Texts to my travel companion and my lunch date were quick and to the point.  "Change of plans...." 

The rest of Sunday I pretty much slept. When I was awake I told anyone who would listen that I had a flight scheduled for Monday. They all shook their heads "no" . Lots of poking and prodding and IVs produced no answers, only the promise of an upper AND lower GI  Scope for Monday morning. I didn't care- that's how drained I was. 

When I returned from my adventure in GI scoping on Monday, Diana was waiting in my room. Everyone needs a friend like that. No questions asked...just "I'm coming."   She stayed with me all day, asking questions, listening, making sure we understood the doctors. Of course, they weren't saying anything beyond "You aren't getting on a plane. You could have any of these things. We really don't know what's up. You could bleed to death."  I lost lots of blood apparently.  (Sometimes ignorance is bliss because the numbers meant nothing to me but made my nurse co-workers raise their eyebrows when I told them my hemoglobin numbers.)

By Monday afternoon my flight had been rescheduled for Wednesday, I was feeling much better and could almost stand up without falling over. Three out of three doctors still said "You aren't flying anywhere."

Never underestimate the power of a woman on a mission. 

Tuesday morning I felt even better, could totally stand upright on my own and still no one could give me an answer as to what went wrong.  One doctor came in and said "Crohn's Disease, no question." but Diana and I dismissed him immediately. That didn't sound like a diagnosis I wanted.  I was still getting on a plane Wednesday afternoon.

By lunchtime the doctors were wavering. There was no reason to keep me. Their choice was to release me to my cabin in the  woods where there was at least a foot of new snow on the ground, no food in the house (I was supposed to be gone for the week, remember?) and no one around except the cat, who does NOT know how to dial 911 ..OR... have Diana drive me to the airport, pour me onto the plane, have me picked up on the other end where I would be surrounded by people who would keep an eye on me and require me to do absolutely nothing.  Guess who won!?

Oregon was lovely and sunny and the sunset on the West coast was amazing and the people were welcoming and I rested and ate and walked on the beach and worked jigsaw puzzles. 

This is how I spent the afternoon.
Drawing in front of the fireplace. 

Saturday night I got a call from the doctor. Ischemic colitis. Random, probably a one time thing. 
Sunday I flew home. 

I promise, I was VERY thankful.