22 November 2013

No. 37: Spend a rainy day in my jammies- no matter what anyone else says.

No. 37: Spend a rainy day in my jammies- no matter what anyone else says.

Last December when this blog was brand new I practiced staying in my jammies most of the day.
You can click here to read about my trying to be a slug.

As I mentioned in my practice post, it is difficult to stay in my pajamas all day when the hubs is around because it just sooo goes against his nature. One of his favorite sayings is "people die in bed". He totally believes everyone needs to get up, get dressed and get the day on EVERY day. No rest for the wicked or something like that.

But guess who isn't around? At least not today. The hubs.

And while it wasn't exactly raining, it was snowing today. A lot. All day long. In fact it is still snowing and will probably continue to do so all night.  I think we have had close to a foot of snow here at the cozy cabin in the woods.

 This was taken early this morning.
We've had 12 hours more snow since then.

 Look who thinks the snow is for eating...

 and playing.

 The baby Hummer was covered. 
Not even sure I can get out of the neighborhood any more. 
Even in this baby.

So really. I'm pretty sure a better opportunity was not going to present itself.

And here I am in my jammies, slippers and an extra hoodie. Still wearing the same outfit. And it's almost time to go back to bed. 

Now I confess, Carlos did need to go out supervised more than once today. 
And I went with him.
But I was still in my pajamas, thanks to the magic of my fabulous camouflage hunter's jumpsuit. 
It slips on right over whatever else I am wearing.

This baby is magic. Everyone should have one.
I  love it.
As long as no one ever sees me in it.

No. 37 is DONE. 
And hopefully the snow will stop tomorrow so cabin fever doesn't set in. 
We're Texas girls. Not used to this white stuff. 

Also, a reminder:
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