10 June 2013

No. 20 Lite

No. 20 Lite: Move!

O! How I wish I were really moving.

But a decision has been made.  I will be relocating. That almost counts as a move.

What started out as a whim by the two girls four years ago when we first bought our Colorado cabin will turn into reality this fall.

I will be taking Belle and Bunny to Colorado for their Senior and Sophomore years of high school respectively.   They will go from a school that has a gazillion rules and over 2000 students to a school with a more relaxed attitude and a little over 300 students. Three hundred total. Not per grade.

Their dad supports this idea mostly because it gives him an excuse to head to the cabin more often than he already does.
A little disillusionment with the current school district made the decision easier. (See here for one reason why...)

We will be trading this bird here...

For this bird there....

What a turkey...

And this wildlife.....

For this.....

And this....

O my!

Also trading a four bedroom, two and half bath house with a three car garage for a three bedroom, ONE bath log cabin with NO garage. That last part might  be more of a problem than the one bathroom. At least once it snows. Which it will.

It's going to be an adventure. A BIG adventure. The drive to school every day will involve a canyon road and dodging deer rather than a hop on the freeway and dodging drivers on cell phones.  (No cell phone yakkers on the canyon road. It goes through Bureau of Land Management land where there is no service. Besides, if you are talking on the phone while driving the canyon, you will eventually end up in the Arkansas River.  Or plastered into the side of a mountain.)

Instead of being five minutes from Target, I will be two plus HOURS from Target.  YIKES! Wal Mart and Safeway (and ANY and ALL food stores-and those are the two food stores) will be a mere thirty minute drive- again through that same canyon.
There will be no Chick-Fil-A.   That part is a tragedy, not an adventure.

I will have to accomplish No. 49- Make a New Friend or I will be pretty lonely during the week.  The girls already have many friends because they have been hanging out in town for the last few years.

I imagine the entire family will be racking up the frequent flyer miles.

The plan is to go for the fall semester and then see how things play out. Belle is definitely thinking she will want to graduate from high school in Colorado. Bunny is planning on returning to Texas for the spring semester. Now.
They both may hate it from the get-go.
I am committing to the fall semester and leaving my options open.

It will be hard to leave my parents who live across the street right now. They will soon live 1000 miles away.
I will miss Boy who does not like to travel and probably won't come up. (But we will come home, so that's okay.)
I hate leaving my fun and flexible job and my amazing and wonderful boss. I have made her promise to fire whoever takes my place if I decide randomly to come back. I don't think she really agreed to that, but I'm sure we could work something out.
We will take Carlos the Amazing Dog but the kitties will stay here with the daddy-o. They don't travel well. (Ruby the Chinchilla will probably come with us, also.) Picasso the horse will stay.
My bunko group may try to find a replacement for me. That would REALLY be tragedy. Only because I would cause bodily harm to anyone who tried to take my place in that group.

But...I love change and the girls have repeatedly asked to do this. After years of saying "No, silly, you girls go to school here" I realized that they could go to school anywhere. Consider this a mini-foreign-exchange program. Because I promise- this will be foreign to all of us!!

On Tuesday we head to Colorado to spend a week. I'll do a little preliminary planning for the fall relocation.
But mostly we are going to play.

Follow along with us... changes to come!

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