19 March 2014


And still working on No. 39: Grow a vegetable.

Believe it or don't.   Today is the first day of Spring.  It says so on my calendar.

Gorgeous, huh? Look at that moon just hanging in the morning sky. 

So of course, this is what I woke up to on the last day of winter.

Apparently Mother Nature is not a fan of paper calendars.  Or maybe she just wanted Winter to go out with a bang.

Anyway, by 3:00pm, the snow was gone and I went out and played like Oliver Wendell Douglas.

Look what is coming up in my flower beds!

Fenced in so the deer don't snack on them…

I think these are tulips. About a year and a half ago I asked the hubs to put some bulbs in the bed just in case we might be back in time to see them bloom.  I never really could tell if they came up last year- we missed that month entirely, I guess.   But I'm pretty sure these are the same bulbs.  It's kind of like Christmas, I'm not 100% sure what is in the packages.  

Lesson #1: Draw up a map of the beds as you plant things so you know what is coming up and where things are planted.  

And look what has decided to sprout after all!

Look closely on the right. There are small green sprouts.


Even though I was positive nothing would come of these seeds if they hadn't popped up within two weeks, I was wrong. 
It took almost three weeks and now I have 9 little plants. 
What are they? 
No idea.
Either tomatoes or peppers.
The two pots on the left are still just potting soil. I really am giving up on them.

Lesson #2: Label everything. 

And since Spring is upon us I decided to leverage my odds of some vegetable actually growing to fruition.  (Vegetition?)

So I planted these:

and these:

I'm going to accomplish No. 39: Grow a vegetable  if it kills me.
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