13 August 2014

No. 60:Almost Completed But....

Instead an education.

After the Orange Show last week with the Big Guy we headed off for lunch. He wanted to go to Elevation Burger. 
Someplace I had never been in Houston. I could finally compete No. 60: Hit five different restaurants in Houston that I have never been to.

But as we entered the restaurant the Big Guy noticed a small symbol on the door. 
Have you seen this before?

It means Halal meat is served. 

The Big Guy was not happy. 

He asked if all the meat was Halal and once assured it was, he said "Hell no" and left. Not exactly knowing why, I followed. (It's kind of hard to take someone to lunch if they refuse to stay in the restaurant.)

All I wanted was a good burger. What happened? 

Halal meat refers to how it is prepared just as Kosher refers to how a food is prepared. 
The animal's throat is slit and allowed to bleed out which according to many gives the meat a better taste. This would seem like a good thing. Tasty meat. Yay.

But there's another part to Halal meat that isn't as well advertised. Slaughter is done by a Muslim while invoking the name of Allah. . And some believe that eating it means you are endorsing the religious belief behind the blessing. 

With the conviction and clarity of youth the Big Guy sees things only in Black and White. He's a Christian. He would not have any part of it. 

Beyond that, he's an animal lover. He believes a shot to the brain is quicker and more humane than being made to slowly bleed to death.  
Gotta agree with him there. If I have to go, I want to go quick. 

So off we went to find something else to eat. 

And then I spent the afternoon learning about Halal meat. 

Every day is an education. 

And No. 60 is still unfinished. 

(I'm in Florida right now getting Belle settled at school. She's getting her wish of school by the beach with dark skinned boys sporting pretty eyes as an option. Blogging from the iPad is not very efficient. Bear with me! )
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