05 July 2017

94. Have my picture taken with dad's brick paver at Lighthouse for the Blind in Houston.

No. 94: Have my picture taken with Dad's paver.  

Back in December 2016 my dad passed away after a full and wonderful life. He was 6 weeks away from turning 94. We should all hope for such a long and happy life.

Dad was a huge volunteer. Many organizations benefited from his participation. A few that I can think of are Amigos de las Americas, The Kidney Foundation, Pilgrim Elementary in HISD and the Lighthouse for the Blind.

In honor of Dad's memory we requested donations to some of these organizations if people were so inclined.

Sweet friend Peggy felt inclined.

That's Peggy, second from left.
(And Liddy, Allison, Me and Bunny)
Lunching at rise no. 2 after Dad's service.

She donated a brick paver in Dad's honor to The Lighthouse and it was installed in February.

Ever since then it has been on the list to go see.

Last Thursday, I finally made the trip.

It was quick. And not too hard to find. Pulled up in front of the building where I could see the pavers out front.

Hopped out and walked around a minute and Voila! there he was.

Typical dad. 
Making friends even in death.
Here he is cozied up to Jerry and Rhonda, whoever they are. 

And here I am...posing with his paver and thereby fulfilling No. 94.

Love you, Dad. 
And thanks mucho, Peggy. 

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