30 March 2017

No. 90: Twelve New Restaurants for 2017

No. 90: Twelve New Restaurants for 2017
Here's No. 2 for the Year  (Yikes! I'm already behind.)

Last weekend would have been my parent's 68th wedding anniversary. Sadly dad didn't quite make it to celebrate. But I felt the day needed commemorating so mom and I went to dinner.

I was looking for someplace quiet since mom's hearing isn't the best. That's hard to find in a restaurant these days.

We ended up at a small local restaurant called Off the Vine Bistro in Missouri City.  Tucked away in the corner of a tiny strip center, this little bistro was a delight.   While the decor was a little plain, the food and service was excellent.

I did snap this pic the next day. 
Very tucked away- we almost didn't find it.

I was so enjoying the evening out with mom that I forgot to take any pictures. I wish I had gotten one of the two of us. Guess we will just have to do it again....

Anyway,  the food was super fresh and yummy. I had a sampler of bacon wrapped dates (my favorite), bacon wrapped shrimp (amazingly fresh) and spiced meatballs served up with a side salad of some of the freshest greens around.

The interior- plain but friendly.

Mom had a turkey, bacon, cranberry relish sandwich and some home made chips. I didn't taste her sandwich but some of her chips certainly migrated onto my plate. Not sure how it happened. And they were good.

A sandwich pic stolen from their website.
Look at that yummy salad of greens. 

Dessert was a rosy lemon cake which was so-so...the only near miss of the night.

They also have an extensive wine selection and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights they have live music out on the patio.

We both 100% enjoyed our meal and mom even mentioned going back this weekend when she will be treated to a birthday lunch by my nieces. (I may have to join them.)

Ten more restaurants to go this year!!
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