13 December 2016

Magic on a Saturday Night or No. 63: Another Restaurant

Magic on a Saturday Night: No:63 Again

One of the things I did in November when I was in Colorado was go visit my friend Diana in Denver. Her house was our getaway when we needed civilization after a month or so at the little cabin in the woods. Even when she was living in China, she graciously left her house available so Bunny and I could visit and get our dose of Target, hair cuts and mani/pedis. Some things are just better in the big city.

My request to Diana for our quick weekend was a dinner out some place that required heels. Or at least a place where a little bit of a dress up wouldn't seem out of place. That's harder than you think in Denver where pretty much jeans will take you everywhere.

Diana had been craving a steak dinner and that sounded good to me so she made us reservations. But it was a surprise! She wouldn't share where we were headed, only that we were going downtown.

The November weather was lovely (and unseasonably warm) so we parked and walked to our dinner destination.

Here's where the magic came in.

Excuse the blur...I was too excited to take pics!

First: Dinosaurs!  TWO Tyrannosaurus  Rexes walking down the street. Honest. I was so tickled.
I got my picture with them but was so excited I forgot to ask just what they were doing out and about.

Dinos so large they got their heads cut off. 

A few more blocks down and we spy a Lamborghini.

Is that the sexiest thing ever? 

Okay, in Houston that is not so unusual. Lots of money, lots of flat streets, no random rocks on the road, no snow. But in Denver, Lamborghinis are kinda rare. Driving in the snow can be a problem when your car only has a five inch road clearance. Anyway.... one Lamborghini.  Then another.

Notice there are Lamborghinis on both sides of the street. 

Then....SIXTEEN of them.   All parked in front of the Ritz Carlton hotel.  So gorgeous. And exotic. Since Bunny is such a car nut I had to take pics.

Rows of Lamborghinis. 
At $200K a pop, that's a few million dollars worth of cars in one block. 
Yes, there was a policeman watching over them. 

All of these cars were part of a group, the Gia Lai Team, which does road rallies every year. Life is rough, huh?

Ok, so dinosaurs and exotic cars.  What next?

A few more blocks and there are fire works!

Serious. I asked Diana why but she had no more idea than I  did. So we both just assumed they were in honor of our dinner out.

I adore fire works. 

Obviously, by the time we got to the restaurant, expectations were running high. Denver has tons of farm to market little restaurants with yummy food.  Unfortunately, when you make plans a few days before, that's not what you get. What we did get was a good dinner at Denver Chophouse and Brewery.  Our steaks were perfect.  I had a house beer. (Full disclosure: also some not-house wine!) Mashed potatoes that were good. All in all, a decent but not exceptional meal.    What was exceptional?   The company. Diana and I caught up, visited, plotted, planned and Lord knows what else.  There is nothing better than a good friend. We could have been at McDonald's and still enjoyed the dinner.
No pics. 
Diana and I always forget to take pics together. 

And really? Could anything have matched the expectations that had been set by that walk through downtown? I don't think so.

No: 63: One more restaurant added to the list.

Also, this dinner out was my birthday treat from Diana, a little early. (Our birthdays are 2 days apart and we know how the day can get lost in the Christmas shuffle...) And TODAY is my birthday! How is that for blog post planning?!  

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