02 June 2014

No. 49: Make a new friend

No. 49: Make a new friend
Can that be put on a list and done? 
(Part One)

We are winding up our school year in Colorado which I guess means we will have to return to Texas.

I have lots of observations to share but somewhere along the line I realized that I have definitely accomplished No. 49 in the past year.

Kathy, Lisa, Janna, Me
Party at Boathouse!

Last week I went out with these three women.   One (Janna)  I had met when my girls first made friends here. She's the mom of one of the many girls that my girls have hung out with for the last five years.   But all three of these women are also Cheer moms. In fact, on the left is Coach Kathy, the Salida High School State Champion Cheerleading Coach.

I ended up spending a lot of time with these ladies back in the fall and found them to be loads of fun and great mamas and very welcoming.

I know that I can count on them if needed and if I have a question, they know the  answer.
Since they all live in town and have for years, they know the different kids (and parents) at the school and have given me advice on who I need to be worried about and who qualifies as a good kid.

Every parent of a teenager knows how valuable that info can be.

Also, they know what's really a tradition and what is just "I'm gonna tell mom this is a tradition and she won't know any different."
Bonfire for homecoming?   I was a told that's a tradition that parents don't go to.
Ha! The entire town was there EXCEPT me because I believed those girls.
That's when I started checking up a little more.

Homecoming Bonfire 2013
Photo by Anthony Himes taken from The Mountain Mail

One of the girl's boyfriends parents are out of town? Thanks.  I would not have known and No, you may not sleep over at anyone's house this week.

Name of a doctor?  Got it.

Where to get my hair done?   Got it.

What's the schedule for cheer?

What? How? Where?

You need friends when you move someplace new!

So Kathy, Lisa and Janna- thank you for being my No. 49s.   Not just one friend but three.

And more to come....

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