29 October 2013

No. 16: Write a letter every day for a week

No.16: Write a letter every day for a week...

Do you love to get mail that isn't a bill?
Me, too.

I've noticed though that the letters that come in the mail are few and far between these days. Although I do admit we have gotten more letter mail here just because people are nice and miss us and don't want to be forgotten.

Isn't that great?

Tools of the trade

Bunny holds the prize for most letters.   Letters from girl friends, letters from traveling friends and even letters from boys.  (Along with roses- she's one lucky little girl.)

And because I don't want to be forgotten- I've been sending out some letters and cards.

So last week my challenge was to send out a letter a day.


I sent a letter to my son.

I sent a letter to my friend Cherrilla.

A letter far far away.

A letter to a neighbor.

Cards with notes to family.

A letter to a care taker.

And a couple of birthday cards with letters inside.

In my effort to keep the USPS afloat, I was a bit of an overachiever.  I did more than seven mailings.

Yay me!

And I have a few more in the works.

But the girlies are doing a cheer competition this weekend and they have been busy and when they are busy, I seem to be busy taking up the slack.

Cheerleaders on Parade.
This weekend they will be competing. 

Also Carlos has been bad, bad, bad.
He is acting out a bit because he does not like being kept on a leash or in the house all the time.  He had a run in with a neighbor and because I like my dog alive and not dead, he has been kept on a short leash- literally.
We walk two to three miles every day but that is not enough to keep him worn out.

Always scavenging food...

And so- to express his displeasure- he ate not one but TWO pans of brownies over the weekend.   And then he peed on a pile of clothes in Bunny's room WHILE I WAS WATCHING HIM.  Talk about deliberately misbehaving.  I swear it is like having a toddler.

So I had a bit of washing to do because when you interrupt a peeing dog---well,   it wasn't just the clothes that got wet. All the bedding was on the floor because I was in the process of changing sheets.

We are trying to come to a compromise.  I let him run on the property as long as he promises to come when called and not cross the street.   So far so good.

So ... more letters to be mailed.

And more challenges to accomplish.

Also, I am working on a repeat performance of No. 8: Make Baby Quilts Again.

Niece Allison is having a baby on Friday. This baby will be a biological half sibling to the twins that were born last Spring.   That's what happens when identical twin mamas have babies.  So, of course, this baby also needs a quilt.

In progress:

Do you think she might be having a girl? 

What will be next?

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