02 September 2013

No. 25: See a concert-live music

No. 25: See a concert- real live music with real live musicians.

No. 25 is DONE!

Last week I journeyed into Salida for a show at the SteamPlant.  This is a lovely, intimate venue with about 200 seats, a bar in the lobby and great music on the stage.

Salida SteamPlant
on the Arkansas River

At least there was great music the night I was there. 

Baskery, a group comprised of three sisters from Stockholm, Sweden, was there. They describe their music as Swedish blues/Southern rock which is pretty accurate. They were definitely rocking.  People were dancing in the aisles, little girls were tumbling at the foot of the stage and everyone was clapping. 

I did not have the presence of mind to video any of the songs. Silly me. 

I did snap a pic:

Stella, Greta and Sunniva Bondesson
a.k.a. Baskery

I am competent on YouTube though and did find you a song or two.
(I may not be totally competent on Blogspot, though. If you don't see the videos, please click over to the main Project Sixty by Sixty website. They are definitely there. But they aren't showing up in some of the emails. Sorry.)

Baskery performing their song NoNo
back in May. 
(Video by countryrock93/YouTube)

See? Really fun country punk.

And their encore was stunning. Beautiful harmony on a traditional Swedish drinking song from the 1700s.

C.M. Bellman's "Bort allt vad oro gör" performed by Baskery
(Video by Shelley54/YouTube)

It was dazzling, these three amazing voices filling the tiny theater. 
A perfect end to the evening.
I'm so glad I went.

And..... completely unrelated but never the less fun.... a photo of where I blog is on the blog "Where Bloggers Blog". (duh!)  Click here if you want to see where I sit to write.  But please don't tell the hubs. He thinks this desk is his for fly-tieing. And it is. I just haven't gotten a chair for the computer desk so I can't use it. Yet.
Soon enough.
And if you just want to be voyeuristic and see where other bloggers sit, click here.
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