17 February 2014

No. 59: Learn 300 words of a new language.

No. 59: Learn 300 words of a new language.

Truthfully I've been wondering what I had committed myself to.   Three hundred words? And what language? Could I cheat and learn 300 Spanish words?

No.  No Spanish.
I'm already semi-fluent in Spanish so that wouldn't be legit.
And Italian doesn't count either since the spelling is so close.

And I wasn't sure how I was going to do this. I'm not exactly living in a locale where there are many two-language people to interact with.

And then once again …serendipity.

I get  Laughing Squid in my inbox every morning along with its many links to esoteric information and websites that I may or may not need to look into.  Usually I scroll through the links and hit "delete" but Saturday it had the answer for me.


Created by someone in Poland. 

No, that wasn't a drum roll. That's the answer.

"Ba Ba Dum is an online collection of games that lets you learn words in different languages by selecting the correct illustration of the example word."*  Nine languages.  Five different games. 
And the games get harder as you go through them. I know. Because I thought I was a genius when I did the Italian one. 

Italian is close enough to Spanish that I can read the words and put them with the correct picture. That's the first game.   Since I easily breezed through 300 words I figured "Ha! I got this. Let's try the fourth game."

This is the easiest level.
Conveniently in English so you can get an idea
just click on the corresponding picture to the word in the middle.

Joke's on me. The same pictures are there but at the bottom there are just letters. The player (that would be me) has to put them in order to spell the correct word. 
Not so easy.  Turns out I don't know Italian.

Hmmm. Things are a little more complicated here.

Now I need to figure out the other languages. 
There are just flags to click on, not easily spelled out words like "German" or "Italian". 
And decide which one to learn. 
Maybe French? 
I know some French. 
And I hope to make it back to Paris eventually. (Bunny is owed a trip, something she NEVER lets me forget.)

I learned some German a few years back when I went to Austria. But in Germany everyone seems to know English so I never got to practice. 

French it is. 

Let's see how it goes. 

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