06 May 2013

No. 60: Go to five restaurants in Houston that I have never been to before.

No. 60: Go to five restaurants in Houston that I have never been to before
Restaurant No. 3: Sweet Paris Créperie and Café

Sunday night my friend, Martha, and I hit the trifecta.

First we went to the museum to see Picasso.

Then we listened to a bit of chamber music.

And we wrapped up the evening with dinner.

Bunny has a thing for crepes.  She saw a review of Sweet Paris Creperie somewhere and has been asking me to take her there.  Just the day before Martha and I went out she had brought it up again so the name was fresh in my mind.

Bunny cooks. (In pearls!)
 One day she decided to make crepes herself.
I told her they were hard to make and we didn't have a crepe pan.
Didn't matter.
Those crepes were wonderful.

When Martha asked where we should eat, guess what popped out of my mouth?
Yep, Sweet Paris.

Cute outside, cute inside.

Bunny was pretty mad that I went without her.  I have already promised her a lunch visit next time we go into town.

We showed up at 9:01pm. Closing time was 9:00pm.  The staff graciously let us in and fed us anyway.

And boy! I sure was glad they did.

I had the Chicken Alfredo crepe. Talk about the best of two countries. Italy and France got together and made Heaven.

Chicken Alfredo Crepes. 
And maybe a little glass of champagne masquerading as wine.

Martha had the Turkey, Grapes and Brie crepe. She shared with me. It was a party in my mouth.

After the savory, we had to try the sweet.

Some more S'mores please.

How about nutella, marshmallows, graham crackers and semi- sweet chocolate all rolled into a crepe? A S'mores crepe.  Worth every calorie.

I can't wait to go back.


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