19 January 2015

No. 33: Send flowers to a friend that needs them

No. 33: Send flowers to a friend that needs them....

Well, this seemed like an easy one.

But then I realized, EVERYONE needs flowers. Seriously.

Flowers get sent for funerals and births and ailments and weddings.

They get sent for birthdays and new houses and anniversaries.

So those are the expected reasons to send flowers.

The unexpected?

For a divorce.  Because it's been a bad day. Someone is feeling overwhelmed?

Lots of reasons to send flowers so to figure out who to send flowers to just because they "needed" them. Well, that wasn't so clear cut.

But last week I was in Texas and I made the most of it.

I started off with dinner at a friend's new apartment.  Recently separated, new high rise apartment and she was fixing me dinner.   Sounds to me like she deserved flowers if not needed them.

So a quick stop at Whole Foods Market and an orchid accompanied me to my dinner.

A little orchid.
The perfect flower. 
No care required. 

My mom had a heart valve replacement which was the reason for my Texas trip.  Amazing what doctors can do now through laparoscopy. Surgery was on Monday, she came home on Thursday. Seriously she did not look or act like she had been operated on in the last month, much less the last week. 

Did she need flowers?  Probably not.  But she certainly deserved them.  And I know she and my dad both love having flowers in the house.   So I picked up some flowers for my dad to give her.

Grocery store flowers.

And finally on Wednesday night I went to my Bunko group.

The hostess definitely needed flowers. And deserved them.

So I sent them.

Proflowers arrangement. 
Looked a bit better online 
than in person, unfortunately.
But they were still nice.

And I think they were really appreciated. 

Which was the whole point. 

No. 33 is done. 

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