13 January 2014

No. 30: Spend a day saying "yes"

No.30: Say "Yes"

O my goodness.

I feel like all I ever do is say "no".

Those girlies have been so spoiled that they just don't know the meaning of the word. Or they don't believe it applies to them.

Bunny wants a Camaro for her first car.
Or a Porsche.
Or maybe a BMW.
No.  Maybe yes to something 4 wheel drive.

Bunny's dream car. No. 
She needs to start with something 
that moves a little slower. 

Belle wants to go to Community College in Miami next year. She's never been to Miami, knows no one in Miami and basically chose the school campus in relation to its proximity to the nearest Chick Fil A or Chili's.  But the main reason she wants to go is the beach.

Why, yes. Let's pick a college based on this.

No. I'm not paying out of state tuition at a Community College. If you want to go out of state, make it worth my while.  And get a scholarship.

Carlos wants to run around unsupervised outside and chase deer.
No.  That's against the law in Colorado and not very nice.

Deer outside the window. 
No wonder Carlos wanted to go out.

I've been thinking about No. 30 and how I would never be able to accomplish it.

So this morning, when Belle and Bunny walked down the stairs and announced "We are going to the Springs for Chick Fil A and nothing you say will change our minds",  I said "Okay, have fun."


They were more than a little surprised. Normally I don't encourage driving 2 hours through the mountains for fast food. And then 2 hours back.
But we live in a small town and in order to keep everyone sane I think it helps to get to the "big city" every once in a while. And it just felt so good to say "Yes".

Worth four hours of driving?
Some days, yes. 

On their way home they called to see if they could charge dinner on the credit card. I said "Yes" even though I have read them the riot act about charging meals on that credit card. And then they kindly offered to bring me dinner, too.   Hey! I was paying, might as well put my order in.

Even Carlos got "yes" today.

He wanted to go for a walk. We did.
Through the snow. That's a workout. It was such a beautiful  day and we had a blast outdoors.

 Some of us can walk (bound) through 
the snow faster than others.

Notice I've got a ski pole in hand.
No intention of falling again.

And I got a "yes", too.

I had to go to the dump - it was Saturday- and on the way back I passed the little cemetery.   I've stopped there before but only walked around the perimeter because it has been so chilly.

And even though there were things I needed to do at home, I gave myself permission to wander the cemetery for a bit. I love looking at all the headstones and seeing the dates. It's an old cemetery and I must say, I can't imagine losing babies and children like the people in the late 1800s, early 1900s did.

Just 9 years old. 

Another child. 
The cemetery was full of children.
Life was hard back in 1800 Colorado.

But I gave myself a "yes" to linger for a bit in the lovely warm sun.

I'm sure it helps that the phone hasn't rung and there hasn't been anyone home much today, but I feel like I am going to make it through the whole day saying "yes".

Hope I didn't just jinx myself.  Those girls have gone back out on the town.


(And a little update- those girls came home early. No jinx. It was a good "yes" day.)

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