13 October 2014

No. 53: Go to a Lecture of Someone Interesting

No. 53: Go to a Lecture of Someone Interesting

Ahhh. I had such high hopes for this one.

Last Thursday night Dr. Duane Vandenbusche from Western State CoĊ‚orado University spoke at the SteamPlant Event Center in Salida about the history of this area. He was to speak from 7 to 8:30pm. 

Thursday night's speaker:
Duane Vandenbusche

Thursday night was dark and rainy but I persevered. What's a little rain, I thought? At least it isn't snow.  Or ice.
No, but it was rain. With steam coming up off the asphalt. Plus pitch black out and just wet enough to make it impossible to see the dividing line on the road.
Never the less, I made it into town and FINALLY found a parking place at the turn around, a couple of blocks away from the Steamplant.

Five minutes late and the speaker had already started. 
The auditorium was packed. I was damp.

Hmmmm. I must have missed a good introduction. Because all I was hearing at this point was names with no background. 
Names of little towns nearby. Names of people who built the railroads.  Name of people that built the roads.

Here's a quick rundown...
Poncha Springs,which bills itself as the Crossroads of the Rockies, actually was the crossroads, with toll roads and trains coming through.

Yep, I've missed a turn here more than once.

The advent (importation?) of narrow gauge rails was big.

Narrow gauge caboose
hanging in Salida.

Steel. Trains. Mining.
It was all so fast and superficial. 
A few prostitutes thrown in for laughs. 
Then there was a quick slideshow from an old fashioned projector. 
Once the pics were hand focused, they were gone.

At 7:45 he was done.

Dr. Vandenbusche was a good speaker.
His voice was loud and clear. His pacing was good, with pauses thrown in for things to sink in.
But I missed content.
It was such a broad overview.

Then I was back out into the rain for an equally hair raising drive home. I was good as long as no one came towards me. If that happened,  I was blind.

Once home, Bunny is sliding into her shoes and saying, "I'm off to play with friends."
I caution her that the canyon road is bad. 
She, like me, laughs and says "At least it's not ice or snow." 
(We know what's coming soon...)
"TEXT me when you get to town, please. Otherwise, you are grounded." 
Thirty minutes later, the text comes. 
I thank her, requesting a text again before she heads home. 
"IDK if I will come home. That was a very scary drive. "

No. 53 was done. I heard someone interesting. Sort of.

But perhaps the most interesting person of the night was Bunny. 
After twirling the Hummer, she has a new respect for the mountain roads and mountain weather. 
Thank goodness. 

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