07 January 2013

No. 23: Update: TV or not TV

No. 23: Get Cable TV

O, this one sounded so easy. 

Call a company, installer comes out- Voila! - the magic of quality TV appears in my living room.

After my saga of ten hours of "installing" (click here for Part 1) on last Monday, I had high hopes that the Friday install would go better. 

Last Monday's results. 
Cable running to a box. On the ground. 
Not good.

My installer was set to come between 12:00 noon and 4:00pm on Friday. I was home at 11:30am.

He showed up at 5:30pm.

He finished right at 10:00pm.

Do the math. This means I spent TWENTY hours at my house waiting for cable installation. 

Look! Cable that goes somewhere!
Like- INTO our house.

But Saturday morning we had magical new TV to watch. I went to work at 9:00am and my husband was on the couch watching Ice Road Truckers.  I came home at 1:00pm and - you guessed it!- my husband was still on the couch watching Ice Road Truckers.  

Did you know Ice Road Truckers was on almost all day on Saturday?  Do  you know how much I was regretting this decision to allow cable into my house? 

Then the hubby discovered Gold Rush.    I discovered a desire to run away.

Sunday morning my prayers were (briefly) answered. After having cable in the house for not quite 36 hours, it all went out. Three TVs flashing "no signal". We googled. We adjusted. We woke sleeping teenagers for assistance.  Finally I called Tech Support. 

Tech Support was very nice. After one hour on the phone, all of my TV's were working again.   (And hubby discovered Gator Boys.)

So in one week I spent about 22 hours in the process of acquiring and maintaining this new cable service for magical, quality TV.

And what did I watch on TV yesterday? Downton Abbey. On PBS. A channel I received just fine with  my bunny ear antennas.


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