23 June 2013

No. 32: Snow-cone on the first day of summer

No. 32: Snow-cone on the first day of summer or the last day of school

I totally missed the last day of school for a snow-cone.  My children no longer need picking up at school. It was a bit sad for me in fact this year. Normally I pick up kids and have Alice Cooper's "School's Out" blaring on the car CD player. But this year Bunny rode home with Belle and I wasn't even in the picture. Nor was Alice.

So Friday was the first day of summer, the summer solstice, and I finally made it for a snow-cone.
The hubs and I dropped off Bunny at a friend's house and slid into the Refresqueria at 8:53pm. They close at nine.

Looks deserted but it was still open.
And it was still 80 something degrees outside.

I ordered a medium cherry. Should have stuck with the small....I couldn't finish it.


The sun rose Friday at 6:22am and set at 8:24pm (at least in our little city it did) , giving us the day with the most sun light of the year. It will stick with that pattern for a few weeks, decreasing by seconds, until it slowly and noticeably starts rising later and setting earlier. The amount of daylight will continue getting shorter until Saturday, December 21, which is the day with the shortest amount of sun light. 

The summer solstice is not the "longest day of the year". All of our days except for the one in the fall (25hours) and the one in the spring (23hours) have the same number of hours: 24. Unless you don't go for the daylight savings time confusion in which case pretty much all of your days consist of 24 hours. 

I'm already planning a winter solstice party....hopefully in Colorado in the woods with lots of fairy lights against snow. Doesn't that sound wonderful and magical? (No. 31: Have a solstice party) 

Welcome summer.   
Beaches, snow-cones and lots of sun to come.

No. 32 is done. 

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