23 April 2014

No. 10: Start a Business That Makes Money

No.10: Start a Business... and Here It Is!


A business.

My friend Cherrilla and I have been plotting this for a bit.

She makes gorgeous contemporary crazy quilts that are for forever.
I make fun little baby/toddler blankets that are just perfect for everyday use.

Together we have started  Cherry Creek Co.

Everyday Blankets

We are starting slow and small but the basics are in place.
World domination is our end goal.

There is a website:  www.CherryCreekCompany.com
Please be impressed with the fact that I built this website all by myself.  The hardest part was coming up with a domain name and therefore coming up with a company name.  While we are doing our sales from Etsy to start out with, we felt it was important to have a website ready. You know, for when we take over the world.

Have you ever tried to get a domain name?   It seems every name is taken. I'm still not sure how we managed to get the one we did.  
And how did we come up with this name? Well, I'm sure you have heard "Necessity is the mother of invention".
Desperation must be the father.
Endless emails, phone calls, thesaurus consultations, dictionary consultations, map consultations, more emails, more phone calls and EVERY name we came up with already had the domain name taken.
And then we turned on Cherry Creek Drive.

There is even a Facebook page. Go "like" us and make my day.

Right now there are only the Everyday Blankets available.

The Contemporary Crazy Quilts will be online soon. They are worth the wait.

And to make the launch even more fab, my wonderful nieces are having blanket give-aways on their blogs on Friday.

Want to win a blanket?

Visit these two blogs on this Friday:
Meet the Joiners
The Blogivers
Then follow their instructions.

If you just want to be bold and buy a blanket for your favorite little one, go to our Etsy site.

More blankets will be online by the end of the weekend and we do take requests. 

No. 10: Begun.

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