10 January 2013

No. 44: Read a book a week for a month

No. 44: A book a week for a month. O boy!

This is hardly a real challenge-more of a nudge. I love to read. I love real books. I love my Kindle. I love magazines. I love the newspaper, online and in real, messy paper. Heck- I'll read the back of a cereal box.

Sometimes Spider Solitaire or Words With Friends on my iPad will lure me away from actual reading.  The new beckoning call of HGTV from the shiny black boxes around the house is hard to resist.  Real people need interaction.

So, January 2013, which is starting out to be a chilly and damp January, will be the month I commit to reading. Reading books.

Disclaimer: I am not Oprah.
This will not be Oprah's Book Club.

I have a selection that I ordered back in December. These are books that I've read about or heard about or for some reason the title sounds interesting. Little blurbs torn out of the paper or a magazine have been transformed from book review to actual book with the magic of Amazon and a credit card.

Looks like fun. All I need is a hot chocolate, a blanket, a warm fire...
ummm.... and some peace and quiet.

The selection:
First impression? Locavorism gone mad in suburbia.

Marriage, children, child care- I think I can relate to this one.

(Hmmm... so far a possessive group of authors. My this, My that, My, my, my.)

Pretty sure this one has no redeeming qualities beyond a good romping read. I'm okay with that. Can't live on War and Peace alone.
(Not that I have any intention of reading War and Peace.)

This one is about Synesthesia- a sensory gift that I would LOVE to have. Sadly, I don't.

A bonus book dropped in my lap by my 14 year old: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
Teenagers and cancer. O dear.

Reviews to come.
Stay tuned. 

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