11 August 2015

No. 39: Grow a vegetable

No. 39: Grow a vegetable.

Haha! I thought I had this one nailed.

Right before I left for Texas I had two tomato plants covered in blooms. I had enlisted the neighbors to water them and hug them and kiss them while I was gone.  I KNEW I was going to have tomatoes when I returned.

The afternoon we left Colorado there was a huge thunderstorm. Hail. Rain. More hail.

I got a message that my plants were shattered. Broken. Crushed.


I had put some potato starts in the ground back in April. And then I pretty much forgot about them. I watered the plants and they grew but still...no way to know what was going on underground.

Two little rows of new potato plants. 

Somehow I hoped that something would work. It's hard to grow plants when you are moving back and forth between two states with two different climates.

So...potatoes, tomatoes.

Upon my return, I realized the tomatoes weren't a total loss.   A couple of blooms hung on. My neighbor brought over another tomato along with some peppers. A friend brought me one of those upside-down tomato planters. Something had to work.

At this point I have three tomatoes on two of the plants.

Not red yet, but getting there. 

The upside down planter has a tiny tomato and a couple of blooms too. 

Unexciting picture.
This is my first experience with one of these planters. 
So far, so good. 

The peppers are out in the back bed and I didn't get a pic of them before the rain started tonight. But there are two habanero plants and one jalapeƱo and they all have blooms and peppers.  They seem to be holding up to my sporadic watering so I'm expecting results in a few more weeks. 

And the potatoes? Well, they are the reason I am counting No. 39 complete. 

I noticed the plants were dying even though I was watering them daily. What the....??   Then I remembered my friend, Cherrilla, telling my that the potatoes would be ready when the plants started to wither. 

This morning I went out and dug.

It was just like Easter morning.  


Potato size ranges from grape to cherry tomato size to normal new potato size. 
We will eat them all.
In this case, size does not matter. 

Tiny new potatoes. About enough for one meal for two people. Bunny will be back in Colorado this weekend. Guess what is on the menu? 

No. 39 has been grown. 

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