04 August 2016

Across the Divide and into Heaven

Across the Divide and into Heaven (well, Aspen) 

Last weekend I went across the Continental Divide again...second week in a row!
(I crossed at Monarch Pass going to Lake City the week before.)

It was a bit windy. 
And that's not my motorcycle helmet. 
It's the guy's who took my picture. 

This time I crossed at Independence Pass on the way to Aspen. I had been warned that it was another one of those roads where the State of Colorado could/should probably invest in just a few more guard rails. Here's a pic of my GPS. See all those switchbacks? Ten mile an hour speed limits. It definitely required all of my attention.

But o! Once I got to the top...look at the view. Seriously, this has to be one of the prettiest drives I've done in Colorado.

 Sky and mountains and valleys and wildflowers as far as the eye can see. 

At 12,095 feet high, it's a little chilly, even mid day in July. 

 And then I descended into Aspen, passing a sign warning "narrow roads" Ha! What the sign meant was "one lane road, good luck".  But I made it. 

The purpose of my trip to Aspen? 

Friend Ann had a condo there for the month of July and had invited me to come visit. Never having been to Aspen, of course I said "Yes!" I spent the weekend with her and another friend of hers, Julie. Great time. Great company. 

And I LOVED Aspen. Fun and beautiful.

Dinner on Friday night was pizza at Brunelleschi's. Good pizza and even better people watching. Some amazing plastic surgery...and I don't mean that in a good way. 

The Aspen Arts Festival was right outside the front door of the condo on Saturday. The highlight of the show for me was seeing Aaron Sault, the creator of some stunning jewelry and the same guy I won some earrings from a couple of years ago. All of the art was of the highest caliber and I was inspired and amazed many times that day. Back home, I've already been to the bead store, inspired by a necklace I spotted there.

Art galore

Saturday night was another fun restaurant, La Creperie du Village. O my! Restaurant perfection. Aren't we cute? I had crepes, and more crepes.

Cute us. 
Julie, Ann, Me

Cute little perfect French Bistro

Sunday was breakfast out at Poppycock. A little hole in the wall that had a wait, although we were lucky enough to get there before the big line formed. Eggs Benedict held me over for the hairpin drive home. 

After breakfast, and before I got back in the car, we took a quick trip over to the Benedict Music Tent and Harris Concert Hall. Ann and Julie were meeting friends there later for some chamber music and a picnic. We went early to put chairs out and save a spot. What a beautiful venue. 

Cool Music Tent

I was sad I didn't get to stay for the show. (But I did NOT want to make that drive home after dark, so I willingly skipped...)  And look at this tree. 

Bears climb trees.
Remember that. 
I'm always looking up when I walk.

Know what that is? Bear claw marks. Eek. Fortunately Mr. Bear was not in attendance. 

So three new restaurants. A new city. A new pass over the Continental Divide. 

What a great weekend. 

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