29 June 2017

No. 90: Another New Restaurant

No. 90:Another New Restaurant- Bar Louie

When Bunny got home from college, she knew she needed a job. And she knew she needed to make decent money.  Off she went in search of gainful employment.

A new place had opened up in the same spot as where she used to work in Sugar Land's Town Center.  Bar Louie had replaced Lasagna House and apparently it was the hopping new spot to eat. And to work.

Bar Louie
Great outdoor seating area. 
Unless it's June in Texas.

So Bunny of course went and got herself hired. Her work experience has not been painless.  She works ridiculously long hours, has one very difficult manager and frequently ends up working the outside tables which can be lucrative and/or a waste of time. Depends on the weather. But she's making good money so she isn't complaining. (Too much.)

Anyway, like a good mommy, I had to go see what all the fuss was about.

Libby and I met for happy hour a couple of weeks ago. Happy hour is a deal. Half price martinis, wines and beers plus a good selection of half price appetizers. The food portions are plentiful and filling.

Libby ordered the bruschetta for us to share. A giant martini glass lined with toast slices and the center piled high with tomatoes, garlic and goodness was deposited on our table. We also tried a couple of martinis. My new fave is the Lemon Drop and yay! they have a yummy grand one.

Sadly, no pictures exist of this evening.

Once we had decimated the bruschetta, I ordered some buffalo wings (still on the half price menu) while Libby tried an enormous plate of chicken nachos. And maybe we each had another martini.

Good food, plenty of it and great deals from 5pm to 7pm, what's not to love?

In fact, I loved it so much, I went back the following week on a Tuesday night. Tuesday just happens to be $5.00 burger night, too.

This time I went with Martha. Again we tried some martinis. The chips/queso/salsa/guacamole appetizer started our evening. (Still half price here, guys.)   Dinner was a $5.00 hamburger that came with my favorite, tater tots. So filling I could not even contemplate finishing it.

Martha/Me: martinis in hand, burgers in belly.

This is not diet food. This is not health food. But for a fun evening with affordable prices and good solid food, Bar Louie is the place.

And if you're lucky, you'll get this really cute waitress.

Waitress extraordinaire

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