22 July 2016

An Update and No. 71: Have a Picnic

No. 71: Have a Picnic and a Fire Update

First the Hayden Pass fire update.

We are breathing easier.  Literally and figuratively. After a week of smoldering skies and whiffs of campfire smoke, the fire is mostly under control and the smoke has been washed away.
We had rain. And lots of firefighters.
The stats for today (Thursday July 21) are 16,414 acres burning or burned. It is still slowly spreading but mostly into the wilderness area. 
There are 589 people working the fire today. 
Fifty percent of the perimeter is contained. I don't think it will ever be 100% until it snows because the back of the fire (away from me) is in wilderness area that cannot be accessed. That just gets to burn until it snows. Or rains for a while.

It is hard to comprehend just how much area is affected.
Maybe these pics can give you an idea:

From the highway

And a pic from the dump, across the river. 

These pictures are the "under control" version of our fire. 
So, life returns to normal. Or as normal as it gets here at the Western outpost of Green Acres

Now, on to  No. 71: Have a Picnic.

To escape the smoke, I visited Liddy's house about 2 1/2 hour west of me, across the Continental Divide, in Lake City.

I love a picnic and my friend Liddy is a pro at them. She learned from the best, her mother. Growing up I have some great memories of picnics with Liddy's family. 

And so we picnicked. At the American Basin near Handie's Peak outside of Lake City. The American Basin is known for its wildflowers and this trip did not disappoint.

We had sandwiches, adult beverages (not for the driver...this was a Jeep trip that required 4 wheel drive) and Oreos. What could be better?

Liddy, me and the picnic basket.
Braids must be my picnic hair do.

Liddy's darling daughter, Emma, who was also our fearless driver,
with her pup, Milly.

Jake, Liddy's Westie, checking out the picnic offerings. 

And wouldn't this have been a great pic if someone hadn't accidentally 
put the black and white filter on their phone camera?!
All those flowers behind me....o well.  

The flowers were gorgeous. There were tiny white butterflies everywhere. The dogs frolicked. The people frolicked. There were waterfalls and baby Big Horn Sheep. It was a glorious day. 

A little waterfall

See why it's called a basin? 


and more wildflowers....

Mama Big Horn Sheep with Baby (Not So) Big Horn Sheep


No. 71 has had its basket emptied.

* photo by Lauren Murray...thanks! Lauren!

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