11 January 2017

A Celebration

A Celebration of Life...

Monday we had a lovely little Memorial Service for the Daddy-O.

It was at the church where he and my mom were active so very many years. The church where one of my brothers got married. The church where I got married. The church where I grew up. The church where dad was a volunteer and an elder.

My brother, Steve, spoke. Whew. I could never have managed but Steve did Dad proud. And didn't tear up until his very last line. It was interesting to hear his take on my father, being the oldest child and the first boy. We are five years apart in age but six years apart in school so never that close growing up. By the time I was in middle school, he was off to college.  But obviously my father's work ethic that he instilled in me was even more so drilled into Steve.

Dad and Steve

(Dad always said "You are never sick on a Monday. If you are sick, it better be high fever, hospital worthy sick. Otherwise, go to work.  Employers hate people that are sick on Mondays." I've never forgotten it and have tried to impress that on my kids. Big Guy hasn't really gotten it down, though.)

And the service was well attended. You know, once you are in your nineties,  there aren't that many friends left to see you off. But the three that could get out, did.  And friends and neighbors filled the church.

Brother Steve spoke about what a great friend my dad was to all. How good he was about birthdays and anniversaries, always remembering and always sending cards. I've tried to be that way myself although I realized not having a paper calendar makes it harder for me to see birthdays in advance.
Today I bought a paper calendar so I can see a month a time. And maybe do better with the cards.
Because really, everyone loves a little "snail mail".

A lovely little periwinkle calendar to add
to my mess of a desk.

And after the service I went to lunch. With long time friends. And Bunny. Who is a smart girl and volunteered to accompany us because she knows where to find a good time.

And dad would have been so proud.

We celebrated.

And I went to a new restaurant for 2017.  I need to do another twelve new restaurants this year. That's a favorite challenge. (For me, at least!) So, No. 90:Twelve New Restaurants for 2017 has begun.

Allison, Liddy, Peggy, Bunny and I ate at rise no. 2 near the Galleria in Houston. O my! It was so achingly perfect. They serve soufflés in the most adorable little space with all of the exquisitely en  pointe details covered.

We started with salads and then came a cheese course.  The cheeses were on a little cart. We got a quick lesson on our choices and then a board of cheese was deposited on the table along with a tiny bread guillotine!   Bunny had to try it out.

 The beautiful cheese cart
What to choose???

 The bread guillotine

 Bunny doing her best "Price is Right" showing of the bread cutter. 
And Liddy photo bombing. 

That Liddy. 
She puts the "She" in "shenanigans".
Love her. 
It's a miracle Bunny didn't lose a finger she was laughing so hard. 

O my. Then we each got a soufflé.  Yum and yum. 
Mine was sun dried tomato and pesto. Allison had a mushroom with truffle sauce. The rest had Jambon and Gruyere.  We were all groaning in ecstasy. 

 Look at those gorgeous soufflés!
And..ahem... those gorgeous women. 

A toast to Daddy-O. He would have loved joining us. 
He always had a soft spot for "cute young things". 

There was wine, there were dessert soufflés and even a creme brûlée. They practically had to roll me out of there and I did not eat dinner Monday night. I am eternally grateful to my sweet friends for treating us on Monday.  This lunch could not have been a better tribute to my dad. 

He would have loved it all. 


(And -o!- I need to go back and buy some of their napkins. They were luscious.  Along with everything else.)

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