15 May 2013

No. 60: Hit Five Restaurants in Houston that I Have Never Been To

No. 60:  Five new restaurants in Houston: Restaurant No. 4

After the Art Car Parade, we were hot and tired and hungry.

Friends that were with us suggested BRC GastroPub for an adult beverage and some snackies.
Perfect, another restaurant to help me fulfill No. 60.

We were all over that.

In my haste to get to that adult beverage I did not tarry outside the restaurant and look around. Instead we plopped down at a table and got to ordering.   Since we arrived between 2:30pm and 5pm, they were only serving appetizers. And beer.

There was a magnificent beer list.

I had some sort of Pale Ale that was perfect, although after walking about 15 miles in a crowd of thousands, possibly any beer would have been perfect. And maybe it was only 2 or 3 miles and a crowd of, well, probably that was in the thousands.

But anyhooo.

The Pale Ale hit the spot and I'm sorry I don't remember what it was.

We ordered Brisket Queso and Cheddar Biscuits.  I wasn't really sure what to expect with either of those. I certainly wasn't expecting Heaven.

But pretty much Heaven is what we got.

The Cheddar Biscuits came up with some Smoked Butter and some Bacon Jam. Seriously. The combination of those two on a flaky biscuit....I was hearing angels sing.

The Brisket Queso was equally celestial. A lovely smoky queso dip with chunks of brisket dropped in and home made tortilla chips to dip with.  The waiter almost lost his hand when he tried to take the chips and bowl prematurely. I guess he wasn't expecting me to lick the dishes first. Fool.

Here's the photo of our appetizers:

Hmmm. Looks like an empty bowl and a few broken chips PLUS some very empty beer glasses.
Which is exactly what it is. We were so hungry and the snackies were so good, I didn't have time to snap a photo.

After devouring our food I had a moment to look around and admire the multiple framed chickens on the walls and the lovely down home design.

Chickens, right? Maybe not.

Then I entertained the waiter and our companions alike when I innocently inquired "Exactly what does BRC stand for?"

A big grin came over the nice waiter's face as he replied , "Big Red Cock".

Why, of course.   And if I had spent more than a moment looking around outside I would have noticed the restaurant mascot. Who's the fool now?

Because, while I totally saw this giant BRC on top of the building....

...I somehow managed to miss this enormous scarlet rooster out front. 

BRC.   Can't wait to go back for more. 

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