04 April 2013

No. 8: Make baby quilts again

No. 8: Make baby quilts again

I've mentioned before that I used to quilt.  I made tons of quilts for my babies when they were babies.
But I haven't made a quilt in at least ten years.
My sewing machine was broken. Or some such excuse.
But I got the machine fixed
there are new babies coming to the family.

This is my niece Amanda:
Amanda-isn't she adorable? 
Ummm. And pregnant?

And this is a pile of fabric:

Clara's on the left, Colby's on the right. 
Cross your fingers I can get off the computer and get to sewing.

Friday, my niece Amanda (who is a twin) will have twins: Colby and Clara.

And hopefully Friday I will be able to take her two baby quilts which -as of Thursday- are still not finished.

Man, I am optimistic.

But don't tell her. It's a surprise. And I'm hoping that she will be so preoccupied getting to the hospital that she won't see this post first.

(On an interesting note, the doctor that is delivering her twins also delivered all three of my children, two of my nephews, one of my nieces and two of my great nieces.  Isn't that nice?)

Off to sew!

(O! And the quilts are the surprise that I mentioned last week....)

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