04 March 2013

No. 17 - Draw every day for a month

No. 17- Draw every day for a month
(Days 1,2, and 3)

O, this challenge I love. I love to draw.

The only other thing I ever wanted to be besides an author is an artist.

Drawing is something I have always done. I doodle. I sketch. I draw.

Except I haven't.  In the last 20 years my drawing has been very limited. I'll blame having kids.

In 2011 I tried drawing every day for a year. I made it 3 months.  But I really enjoyed that 3 months and I'm not sure why I stopped. Life got in the way like it usually does, probably.

So March 2013 is going to be a picture a day month.

So far I have realized that the TV is NOT good for drawing.

Ever since we got cable, our TV has been on constantly.

I don't really like TV.

Even when I go in the other room I can hear it. And it distracts me.

You can tell by the first two days of drawings. They are awful. The drawings are what I think the objects look like, but not what I saw.

The artichoke was so depressing that I tried a clementine.

 I gave up and went to bed.

 Day 2 was worse.  This is ridiculous. 
I could not concentrate.

It got a little better when the house was empty and the TV was off.

Not great, but not embarrassing.

This may be more of a challenge than I thought.

I may have to leave the house to accomplish it.

Running away from home to draw.


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