21 December 2012

Write Now

No. 9: Start a blog that I actually let people read.

I feel like I can say that I have somewhat accomplished this.

I started this blog a month ago and I have had 528 page views so far.  That is NOTHING when compared to some of my favorite blogs that will have 20,000 comments on one post but still it is way more than I ever expected.

So thank you to all my friends and family that have taken a peek at this blog. And thanks to the random strangers that have also looked and hopefully read my random ramblings. And a special thanks to the 25 people in Israel that logged on - or maybe it was one person in Israel that logged on 25 times- that made me smile and shake my head and wonder just HOW someone in Israel found me.   I understand Germany and India- I KNOW people there. France and Canada make me wonder but I can at least see having connections in those places. But Israel?? Hmmmm. 

Can you tell I love seeing the stats on where people are that log onto this blog? 

And now a little blog history. Blogs first started in the late 1990s when online publishing tools were introduced. Before that any online journaling required a knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language- the code of the internet).   Originally called "weblog", the name "blog" was created when early blogger Peter Merholz broke up the the word "weblog" into "we blog" on the sidebar of his own personal online journal. Obviously a man with a sense of humor.

Now everyone has a blog. Or so it seems. 

Men blog more than women.  Women in Utah blog more than women in any other state. Thirty five percent of blogging  moms in the U.S. are located in the state of Utah. Not sure what that means but it is a fact I find interesting. Utah moms?? 

And me? 

I had a blog before this one. The Misadventures of Mommy Salami.  I wrote solely for myself and no one ever read it because I never told anyone about it. I think there were five posts. (Nope. I just looked. There were closer to a dozen.) That's why No. 9 required actually letting people read what I wrote. 

Because I have always wanted to be a writer. I've also always wanted to be an artist. But first it was "writer", then "artist" and ideally, hey! I could write and illustrate my own book! Except I'm not an illustrator at all.

So for the next few days I will publish some of my original Misadventure posts. Air them out and let them see daylight. 

Apologies to my kids who might realize they have been written about. (Or not. They don't read me now, I don't think.)   Apologies to the kids' friends who might recognize themselves. O well.  You know what they say: write what you know.  I know these kids.

So tune in tomorrow. 

(And just in case the world does end today- unlikely since it is Friday already over in Australia and they seem to still be plugging along-I want to tell everyone that I love them and life is good and live like there is no tomorrow so you have no regrets that you didn't do something today. xxoooxx)

((And sorry no pretty pictures or fun links. I spent the day at the hospital while my husband had his second surgery to repair the damage from his first surgery in October. That first surgery was what got me re-started on this whole blog thing. Surgery went well and hopefully he will be home Christmas eve.))
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