09 May 2017


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  1. (in Spanish-speaking regions) a religious festival

    • an event marked by festivities or celebration.

O my.
What can I say?
I went to Fiesta in San Antonio over the weekend.

The Official Fiesta Poster-2017

It was marvelous.

First I'd like to talk about anticipation. How delicious it is to look forward to something, plan and prepare and then actually experience whatever it is you were anticipating.
Think back to High School and that first date with the guy/girl you had a crush on forever that finally came to their senses and asked you out. The plotting...what do I wear? Where are we going? What are they going to be like one on one?

As an adult, you don't get much of that.  Maybe when you have a baby, although knowing the gender beforehand takes some of the suspense out of that these days.  Christmas is fun but usually the anticipation is not there because...hello...as an adult you are the one doing the shopping and planning.

So I had been anticipating this trip to San Antonio for Fiesta for a few months. The build up was fun. I had to find a formal dress! Find a place to stay! Find someone to go with me!

And how did this trip even come about? I mentioned to a friend in San Antonio last year, after seeing her Fiesta pics, how I have always wanted to go but forget every year until it is too late.   That sweet friend just happens to be on one of the big parade volunteer committees and she came up with a plan.   Invite me to help judge the parade and then I will have to come.

This sweet friend, Melissa, was my BFF in first and second grade when I briefly lived in San Antonio. We had not seen each other in 40 years. But through the magic of Facebook, we had reconnected.  O! And she has a daughter named after my daughter. Isn't that a fun connection?

Woodridge Elementary
First grade? Second? 
Melissa is on the bottom row third from the left,
I'm bottom row, third from the right.
(I'm digging the kid's boots next to me.)

So I grabbed my other friend Liddy as my Plus One and off we went. A special shout out to her husband that loves to find hotel rooms as he managed to get us a lovely room at my most favorite hotel, La Mansion del Rio. Right on the Riverwalk, it was the perfect location for our weekend.

Our first night was free so Liddy called another friend and somehow we were off to a party. A big party. A Cascarones Party. With live music and dancing in the grass and a THOUSAND cascarones and enchiladas a la plancha.  We arrived in style, sneaking the Parade Grand Marshall's Mustang out for a quick run through the neighborhood. No, we weren't supposed to be in it. We definitely were not supposed to be leaving confetti all over it. But. Things happen.

Felicia, Liddy, Me
The Grand Marshall's Mustang
(Shhhh. Don't tell.)

 On the way we HAD to stop at this corner house's display for a photo op. Isn't that nice? The homeowner decorates for every holiday so people make it a tradition to stop and have their pic taken.

New friends!
El Rey Feo, Pascal, Me, Tom, King Antonio
Liddy and Felicia 
Isn't it nice that this corner is decorated for the all the holidays? 

Liddy and I feeling frisky and it's just the beginning of the night. 

The party itself was big and loud with interesting people and good music and plenty of margaritas. Just like a party should be. Not knowing anyone going in, Liddy and I both found connections through out the night. Person A knew Person B. Person B knew Person C. There was a house in San Miguel. A friend of a friend. It was fun finding the common grounds.

The next morning I woke up with confetti in my bed. I'm pretty sure that's a sign of a good night.

And we hadn't even gotten to the Fiesta part yet.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story weekend.....

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