12 May 2016

No. 6: Go to the Symphony and No. 63: Go to some new restaurants

No. 6: Go to the Symphony
No. 63: Try at least 12 new restaurants this year (2016)

I actually counted this one as done after going to an evening of cello and piano music with my friend Martha. It was symphony music if not the actual symphony.


 Warm up time.
Did you know the symphony members are unionized

Now I have been to the symphony for real and, once again, it was with friend Martha.  She's a good friend to have because she likes to help me with my challenges.

Me, Martha and the Houston Symphony in the background.

She and her husband have season tickets to the Houston Symphony and fortunately for me, Martha's husband ended up in Finland the night of this performance.

The program? Mendelssohn Symphony No.4 in A major, Opus 90  along with Fauré Requiem, Opus 48.

The fun part? Martha has been going to the symphony for a while now in addition to being a band mom so she could explain to me all the ins and outs of who was on the stage and why. In addition she explained that this program had a chorus- not that common- and the Requiem was light on the violins- also not common. Plus it was a shorter show than usual which was fine because I loved what I heard, but I didn't need to hear another hour's worth.

The music was beautiful, the singing was lovely and there were solo performances by a soprano and baritone.  All in all, a perfect night of music.


Martha felt that we had not experienced enough music for the evening so we finished the night at World of Beer listening to a friend of hers that is in a cover band, The Miller Effect. 

Band in the back, ummm, beer in the front.
(Photo credit goes to Martha)

I think I toddled home about midnight.

O! And the new restaurant??

Mexican street food, served inside!

On the way to the symphony we stopped at 100% Taquito on the Southwest Freeway in Houston. Definitely not a fancy dinner but we had margaritas and tacos (I had been jonesing for some shrimp tacos for a few days at that point) and it was so cute and fun and authentic. Not a Tex-Mex restaurant, the menu specifically advises "NOT Tex-Mex". No queso dip on the menu. But good street tacos served in air conditioned comfort, what could be better than that?

A great evening and TWO challenges completed. Not bad for a Saturday night.

Thanks, Martha!

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