20 December 2016

No: 63 and No. 89: MyOhMy

No. 63: The Twelfth New Restaurant of the Year and ...
No. 89: MyOhMy  (You'll just have to read on to get THAT explanation)

Last week, in celebration of my turning older than dirt, sweet friend Martha took me out for an evening of..... fun.

Martha seems to love helping with my challenges. This time she came up with something not even on the list, not even thought of to be on the list, not even in my thoughts at all, except once she suggested it I was all in. I mean, how could I not be?

For my birthday we went to dinner.

Then we went to a show.

Dinner was in downtown Houston at MKT Bar.  In the same building as Phoenicia Specialty Foods, a cool international food market, the restaurant offers free parking and some great specials. We happened to be there on steak Thursday and since we were in a time crunch, we both went for the special.  $12.99 got us a melt-in-your-mouth rib eye, twice baked potato, a salad and some yummy yummy little onion ring something-or-others.  The crowd was lively ( we shared a table with a Christmas party group that was having all kinds of fun) and about thirty years younger than us.

The sign over our table. 
That's the best I did for pics in the restaurant.
Take my word for it, it was fun. 

And why were we in a time crunch? 
Because of the show.  MyOhMy. 

That's the show name.  At Warehouse Live, also in downtown Houston, MyOhMy is billed as "not the same ol' drag...show". So yes, we saw men dressed as women. Lip syncing and dancing. Dressed to the nines. 

Another couple, friends of Martha's, joined us and we had VIP seating right in front of the stage. Up close and personal.

Me, Martha, Barry and Victor. 
I did not get the message that the dress code was "leather".
Silly me, I wore velvet.

There were three performers: Candy Cane, Fantasha and London Something....can't remember. 
Fantasha did Tina Turner to perfection, right down to the shimmy. Candy Cane channeled Beyonce and Selena. London emulated Diana Ross? Again, after a while, all of them ran together.   They were all great but too many diva performers were covered for me to keep them all straight. I just sat back and enjoyed. 

Candy Cane. 
"She" was absolutely gorgeous.

Fantasha doing Tina Turner.

London as Diana Ross

Towards the end of the show, they decided to give out door prizes. Martha graciously volunteered me for pulling names out of the hat.  So up on the stage I went, readers in hand, standing next to the show organizer and Miss Candy Cane. Let me tell you, up close she was amazing. Not a hair on her body. Beautiful skin. Some excellent plastic surgery. Gender bending at its finest.  Standing next to her (him?) it really brought home how fluid gender can be. 

I think I'm the only female in this photo. 

The performers danced/sang/shimmied and wiggled amongst the audience through the entire show, accepting tips as they sang. Apparently that is how they make most of their money, not from ticket sales, but from tips. A hard way to earn your keep considering the amount of wigs, dresses and heels they wear in one show. Add in the surgeries and electrolysis these performers have been through and they must need a lot of dollar bills to make an evening profitable.  

After the closing act, we managed to snag a few pics with the individual performers. 

Taking their bows 

Martha, Fantasia, Me
I had on heels, Martha was in flats.We look like dwarfs. 
These are big (wo)men in high high heels. 

Here we are with London.
Again, dwarfed. 

The night was a blast. Definitely something I had never been to before. 

A gazillion thanks to Martha for coming up with the idea and treating me for the night. 

Got my twelfth (and final) restaurant for the year in and I definitely added"drag show" to the list just so I could cross it out. No. 89, also done.

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