16 May 2013

Follow Up Friday: Results, a Walk and What's Ahead

Follow Up Friday: Results, a Walk and What's Ahead

Well, the results are in on Bunny's biopsy.  (See original posts HERE and HERE.)

Once again it is our favorite diagnosis: Inconclusive.

They did NOT find any lymphomas. That is a cautiously good sign. The ENT is still wanting to take out a lymph node to make absolutely sure she is cancer free but we are weighing all of our options first.  Possibly a visit to an oncologist to review all of the results so far.  Maybe some more blood tests to see if we missed something the first time around.

We really don't want to carve our kid up unnecessarily.
We also don't want to miss a cancer diagnosis because of vanity.

So....wait and see and maybe test some more and wait and see and hopefully someone somewhere will eventually be able to tell me why my 15 year old is exhausted and looks like a chipmunk some days and has swollen lymph nodes that hurt all the time.

Always with the phone.

I will say that she was the most fun kid ever while recovering from her anesthesia. Endlessly entertaining.
She was the sweetest, most polite child.
Also the saddest thing ever because she did not have a red marker to color Ariel's hair in her coloring book. I had to make an emergency run to the store for markers to quell the tears. And it didn't even work because just the memory of not having the marker earlier in the day would set her off.
She also told me and everyone else that she "tasted like a flower". And even she admitted she had never eaten a flower, but still.  She was sure she tasted like one. Bless her heart.

Marigolds are edible.
So are violets, roses and pansies. 
And a whole bunch more that I never dreamed of. 
Click HERE for a list of edible flowers.

And my walk is coming up.  This Sunday I will be doing a 5K for the One Fund Boston. I have met my goal of $200, my goal of $400, my goal of $500 and now I am trying for $600.  If you are so inspired, please feel free to sponsor me. I will walk the most ferocious 5K ever.
Click HERE to donate, look for my name "Bartley".
I promise you will receive a thank you note for donating. (No. 26)

School is almost out for my girls. Prom is Friday night and I will probably have to post a picture of my daughter. She is going with a friend that is a Senior.  I had heard that the average family spends $1100. on prom per kid. I thought that was a ridiculous amount but I wouldn't be surprised if we were close.  Fortunately Princess Belle is funding some of this ridiculousness.

Once June rolls around we will head to Colorado for FIBArk.
That will give me a chance to fulfill No. 54.
Also, I may work on No. 58.

Our favorite part of FIBArk.

Mostly I am going to work on not having a schedule. Isn't that what summer is all about?

Have an awesome weekend!

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