25 April 2013

Praise for my Kindle

Praise for my Kindle or 
No. 44 Again: Read a book a week for a month

For some reason No. 44 was a real challenge when I did it the first time.
(Possibly because I read some books with a little substance the first time??)

Now, without even trying, I seem to have done it again.

And here is why:

My baby, Bunny, has been sick.
We don't know with what.
Her lymph nodes are very swollen, particularly the right one.
All I do know is that since April 1 she has been to a doctor nine separate times.
She has had two rounds of antibiotics covering 18 days of meds. She has been tested for mono, strep and TB. She has had a camera down her throat, an ultrasound, a CT scan and, as of Wednesday, a biopsy of her right lymph node.
Results are due in two to five days.

Baby Bunny waiting for her Biopsy.
As her grandmother says,  
no one should look that darling in a hospital gown. 

Nine doctor visits means nine separate waiting room visits.

Thank goodness for the Kindle.  Small enough for a handbag yet it holds HOW MANY books??

In the past month I have read:

Widow's Tears  by Susan Wittig Albert
Albert writes a series of books covering China Bayles and her friends who live in a small fictional Hill Country town in Texas.  The area she writes about is familiar, the characters remind me of friends, and she covers history and issues of Texas. I feel bad that I read this woman's entire series produced over a ten year time period in less than a few months. Now I wait for each new book to come out. Easy reads, I can finish one book in a sitting. Widow's Tears covers the 1900 storm in Galveston.

Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann

Here's the book cover, but you can't "click to look inside".
It was just the only picture I could find. 

Cake Icing, Butt Budder and Tea Lids by Renee Andrews
Both of these were mindless reads that kept me occupied and out of trouble.

Is This All There Is? relates the midlife crisis of a mom that wants more out of her marriage. I'm not sure I liked the ending but... it is what it is.
Cake Icing, Butt Budder and Tea Lids recounts the lives of three generations of eccentric women living together in Louisiana. Funny, crazy, not a challenge at all but entertainment none-the-less. Perfect for a doctor's office waiting room.

The Death of Bees: A Novel by Lisa O'Donnell
O! I did not start out liking this one, but it turned out to be very, very good. Follow two "abandoned" teens through a year without parents.  Short chapters made it even more appealing as it was easy to pick up and put down.

And now I am reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Have you seen the previews of the newest movie version of this novel? I am in love with what I have heard of the soundtrack and it looks like visually it will be a stunner.
After seeing the preview I turned to the Prince of a Husband and asked, Do you remember how it ends?
Me, neither.
So I am reading it again before the movie comes out on May 10.

Four books in less than four weeks, all in a package measuring less than 5" by 7" and as flat as a pancake. (A fluffy pancake, maybe, but still.) And a fifth book underway.

And thanks to my amazing mom, who at 89 still runs circles around me technologically,  I have discovered BookBub.com.  Every day I get a list of books that are free (or maybe only a dollar or two) that magically can be delivered to my Kindle with the touch of a button.

In addition, my local library has Kindle editions of books that are also free for two week rentals.  I can't quite figure out the logic of it. It's an e-book, why do I only get it for two weeks? Why does it have to be checked back in so someone else can read it? I'm sure it has to do with publishing rules but it all seems a bit silly to me. However, I am NOT complaining.  I love a library book that doesn't require me driving to the library.

So here's to my Kindle or your Nook or any of the other versions of e-readers that are out there.
What wonderful inventions.
Isn't technology grand?

Not a paid endorsement for any of these books or products or services. Just praising that which makes my life better. 

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