08 May 2013

Progress Report

Progress Report:

It's a slow week at our house for projects.

I am hoping to go to the Art Car Parade on Saturday, weather willing and kids (and husband) cooperating.

These are cars from previous years. 
Twenty six years of this and I have never been?
How could that be?

Amazing !


 Eye opening.

I can't wait!

Thursday Bunny has her second biopsy because the first one was inconclusive. My Kindle will be keeping me company at the hospital. Poor thing has been tested out the wazoo and so far no definite diagnosis.  I believe it has been narrowed down to two choices: one not-so-good and one pretty-awful.

Bunny waiting for Biopsy #1

So she will have her adenoids out and they will be sliced and diced and sent off to pathology somewhere and the lab-gods will decide if she has what's behind Door No.1 or Door No. 2.  We are hoping for a surprise choice of Curtain No. 1 or Box  No.2.
Considering her choices, she has been a very brave and chill patient.

Because of the above, I haven't been planning much else.

Although, next week I am doing my charity walk for the One Fund Boston.  Feel free to donate if you are so inspired.  Click here for more info.

And I did look over my list to check how I am doing on my Sixty Things.

So far, so good.

I realized when I set this up that sixty things in three years averaged out to 20 projects a year which is one every two to three weeks.  Do-able but not a lot of room for slacking.

And 6 months into my first year I have completed 12 and worked on 5 more. Not bad.


And everyone keep a positive thought for my baby and her lymphatic system come Thursday.

UPDATE:  Bunny's surgery is done and it all went well.  Now we just have to wait for biopsy results-probably next Tuesday or Wednesday.

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