28 April 2013

No. 42: Do a Charity Walk

No. 42:Do a Charity Walk
Run/Walk 5K for Boston benefiting The One Fund Boston
(Boston Marathon Bombing Victims)

A charity walk was on my list but o! this is not how I wanted to find something worthy to walk for.

The total tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing leaves me incredulous.
I cannot imagine having been in the crowd that day. Would you/ could you ever go into a crowd again?  The total randomness of having your limbs blown off while standing around watching friends and family RUN !  There is an awful irony there.

Like many other clubs/cities/groups around the country, Fort Bend County where I live is sponsoring a 5K/1K Walk/Run to benefit The One Fund Boston.  This is "the one fund" that has been set up to assist the victims of this tragedy with the gazillion bills that will soon be rolling in.   Even though most of the victims were Massachusetts residents, a state which requires it residents to have health insurance, that health insurance will not be enough. I promise.

Because here is a dirty little secret. Health insurance doesn't cover what you think it should. Last fall I found out exactly how absurd health insurance can be.

The Hubs had a medical emergency. I think that's what they call it when your intestines rupture and empty into your body, making you septic which is a nice compact word for "you're gonna die".   He first went to a Doc in the Box urgent care facility (totally in denial that there might be something major wrong) and they transferred him to a real hospital.
Guess what? Ambulances aren't covered by insurance.
He didn't have a choice. They wouldn't let me transport him. I offered, even though my car was new and he was feeling more than a bit nauseous.  But I still offered and was told he HAD to go in the ambulance.  A ten mile trip cost about $1000.00.

Guess what else wasn't covered?
He had emergency surgery at a major hospital where they re-sectioned his intestines and the anesthesia wasn't covered. There wasn't a SINGLE anesthesiologist that was covered under our insurance program at that hospital.  Does Blue Cross really think people can just say "O! You know, that anesthesia isn't covered so I guess I'll do without this time"?

In the end, the things that weren't covered were negotiated down to in-network prices but we still had to pay them.  Our final outlay for expenses was more than DOUBLE our total Out Of Pocket amount. Because Out of Pocket only applies to things that are covered. And in-network.

The people who are now missing feet are going to have some expenses that won't be covered. And prosthetics run the gamut. Insurance may cover a wooden peg leg as a replacement "foot".  I'm willing to walk 3.1 miles to raise a little money if that means someone gets a chance at a nice computerized replacement foot instead.
Hey! I have feet. I think I will rejoice in that. And use them.




May 19 I will be walking to raise money for those who can't.
And I am going to shamelessly ask for donations.
Here's a little link:


Search for my last name "Bartley" to donate. (Or donate under whatever name strikes your fancy. It all goes to the same place.)

How about skipping your Starbucks latte today and donating that $5.00 to a worthy cause instead?
Or the money you saved on that pair of shoes that was on sale? Donate it.
Clean out the bottom of your purse or the bottom of the sofa and donate that amount.
Maybe get a head start on that 2013 tax deduction.

I'm not asking for much. I set a goal of $200 since I had never done this before and right off the bat a lovely (anonymous) person donated $201.   I've raised my goal to $401.00 now.  I would love to raise my goal again. And again.

Come on. It's for a good cause.

(Did you know that medical expenses are listed as the primary reason people file for bankruptcy?  And the majority of those people have health insurance.)

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