15 June 2015

O My Goodness.


Somewhere around the end of May I just lost interest.

Probably a bit coinciding with work starting full time but also just a by-product of not having time or money or locale to work on my list. 

Everything is just on the back burner.

I think I will pick up speed again in July. Once I figure out exactly what I am doing and where I will be.

Until then, I have a garden update.

I have volunteers.   I could tell when we bought this place five years ago that there had been beautiful gardens. But the cabin had been empty for 3 or 4 years before we bought it. Then for three years, we didn't live here full time.  The gardens suffered.

Lots of rain and an application of fertilizer has changed all of that.   Plants that I didn't know existed are now blooming. Thriving. Growing.

It's wonderful.

First off the irises.

O my goodness! They are just gorgeous.  I don't know their official names but these giant purple ones are breath taking. The insides are lined with yellow fuzzies. I've been cutting them and taking them into work. So pretty.

And the big surprise was the yellow irises.  I knew there had been purple ones. That first year a couple had bloomed but I thought they needed dividing or were too old or something. Never had I seen the yellow ones. But here they are this year.

The yellow ones are in three different spots in the yard. Yet I never knew I had yellow irises. 

The daisies made an appearance last year but this year they are back in full force.

Don't they look happy?
I love these little daisies. 
Sometimes they grab a flower or two. 
I can share. A little.

My peonies. Well. I'm making progress. They are making progress.  At first I was just getting a few leaves. Last year they were divided and moved and fertilized. A few more leaves.  This year one of the plants is starting to look like a plant. I still don't see how it will have a flower, seems too insignificant to hold up a huge bloom. But maybe. Crossing my fingers and holding my breath.

Maybe I should go out and read "The Little Engine that Could" to these guys.
I think I can. I think I can.
Just one lovely peony? 

And the most amazing volunteer of all. This guy showed up last year and had one giant alien eye bloom. (We left town before the rest of the pods opened.) I had no idea what it was. I was pretty sure I was reliving "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". This year I am even more sure of it. I mean, seriously. Look at that thing. Pod people. 

Turns out it's just a poppy plant. Not something I have ever seen in Texas. Can't wait until I have a bunch of those red alien eyes staring in my window.

And not of the volunteer variety, but actually one from the list. No. 39: Grow a vegetable from scratch.  My potato plants. Up and doing their thing.


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