18 May 2015

Meet the Neighbors: Part Two

Meet the Neighbors: Part Two 
(the really, really new neighbors!)

A coupe of weeks ago I posted about our neighbors, Martha and Maizie.

Maizie on the left, Martha on the right.

Maizie and Martha were pregnant. Appropriately, on Mother's Day they had their babies. Martha was first, having twins early in the morning. Maizie was a bit of a slacker, having her twins sometime after dark on Sunday evening.

 So meet the babies.
Personalities intact and over in the yard grazing when they were three days old.
Martha's babies have "stick-up" ears.

 Ella Mae with her Mona Lisa smile

 Howard, larger than the others and a larger- than-life personality also.

Maizie's babies have Nubian ears, they hang down. 


and Flossie. 
She's the most delicate of them all. 

Because they are goats they do goat things like butt heads:

Howard and Ella Mae

 And frolic...

And nap...

But most of the time this is what they do:

Welcome babies!

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