10 September 2014

No. 35: Part Two: That 40th High School Reunion + a Birthday

No. 35: Part Two: The 40th High School Reunion Pics 

I went to my 40th High School Reunion. But first I reminisced and posted lovely high school photos of some of my friends from 40 years ago. While I was at the party Saturday night, I did my best to get pics of those same people.

Some comparisons....

Curtis in 1974

(With Lisa Laird Married Name that I Don't Know) 
and Brown

 And here's Brown in 1974 
with Carol that is no longer with us.
Brown and I talked about how much we wish she were still here. 

So both of these guys are looking pretty good. The hair isn't as long but at least they still have some!!

Me with Mary in 1974

Me with Mary now.

I think Mary looks almost exactly the same, just shorter hair. And both of our faces are thinner. 
What's up with that? 

Me with Emily.  
Wish I had gotten a better pic of her. 
I swear she looks better now than then.

Half of Brown, Me, Emily and Kevin, back in the day.

Here's Bobby/Bob and Kevin now. 
They are just as adorable as ever except with, again, shorter hair. 

And Bobby then. We need to know his secret. 
You know, the "never age secret". 

 Sally, Me, Liddy- 1974

Me, Sally, Liddy- 2014
Sorry we are a little blurry- cell phone pics.
I believe we have all gotten blonder. 
Imagine that!

 Tricia then.

Me and Tricia now.
This was about the 7th selfie we tried taking...I had to break out the reading glasses just to see what we were doing. Both of us were pretty close to hysterical.  For some reason we just 
couldn't get it right. Some alcoholic beverages may have been consumed at this point.
Anyway, same smile, same fun person.

Tricia with Martha/Ann

Lynn, Peggy, Martha now Ann, Allison, Anne, Liddy, Me

And in the back middle we have Martha/Ann again, looking not one day older.
Did Robert E. Lee have something really magical in the water fountains? 

And just because- me and Liddy enjoying the night. 
We were good at that then, 
still good at that now.

The guys haven't aged. The girls haven't aged. The years have been good to all of us.

Thank goodness. 

Love them all. So happy I got to visit.

Thanks for indulging my stroll down memory lane.

No. 35 is officially complete.


Today is 9/11.   For most that day is a day of remembrance, a sad day when many lives were lost senselessly.
For me it is my middle child's birthday along with my handsome soon-to-be-wed nephew's birthday.
A reminder that while there is evil in the world, there are also reasons to rejoice.
Happy happy birthday Belle and Brian.

Hard to believe that this baby...

 Born with a full head of black hair...

became this baby...

and turned into a natural blonde. 
Life is full of surprises.
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