11 September 2013

Once again- In honor of starting something new

Again, in honor of starting a new project.
One that is still unfinished in my mind, but according to the law- she's done.

This is my middle child, my 911 baby in every sense of the number.

Born beautiful, with a head of black hair that never fell out, but instead grew out into a white blonde. She was doing ombre hair before it had even been thought of.

She rolled front to back at 3 months, back to front at 4 months and at 4 months and one day she learned how to roll from point A to point B.
I could not put her down and expect to find her in the same place ever again.
At 8 months, she walked. And at 8 months and 1 week she ran.
She climbed everything.
We had to screw the dressers to the walls.

She loved Cinderella and tea parties and animals and tiaras.

Belle started partying young and has never stopped.
And she loves herself some sparkles.

She grew into a fearless child. She was my first for stitches, first for the emergency room and first in a cast.

White sand, clear water.  Belle's idea of Heaven.

A beach baby from the very beginning, her first flight was to Cozumel at nine months.

She has grown into a fearless young woman. 

She figured out how to combine her love for animals with her love for speed. 
And how to con her daddy into buying her a horse.

She figured out how to combine her love for the beach with her love for speed.
And how to con her daddy into buying her a surfboard.

She wanted to be a mermaid.  She probably still does.

Rafting Brown's Canyon.
This is a girl that believes in dressing for the occasion.

A mermaid with a tiara.

She was a fierce soccer player.

She did  not like giving up that ball.
She also did not like the broken ankle, pulled hamstring, broken jaw and sprained ankle (the other ankle) that came with high school soccer.

Somehow, she has grown into a beautiful young woman that still loves parties, animals, and tiaras.
Along the way she has added boys to that list. Eek.

Happy 18th birthday, Belle.


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