20 January 2014

We are walking...

Walking, walking, walking.

Carlos and I took a walk.

I stayed on the road and went pretty slow. There is still a lot of ice on the road and I don't want to slip again.

Carlos was off leash.  

I've been curious as to where he goes when he's off his leash.

I worry that he goes up and harasses the alpacas up the street.   Or maybe chases the horses that are down the hill a bit. Or does he poke around people's houses?

My genius friend, Cherrilla, said "Isn't it a pity you can't put a camera on him?"

Genius friend with all 
the good ideas. 


I can put a camera on him.

We have a little sport camera that is 1" x 2".

Teeny tiny camera that attaches to 
Carlos's harness.

And now we have….."Carlos Cam".

Here are pics from my walk:

 Down my road..

 Looking into the neighbor's yard…

 Have to stop and admire the Twin Sisters…

 Up the hill a bit

 Take a right onto the next road…

 Good dog Carlos waiting for mom to catch up…
the camera is attached to his harness.

And this is where I turned around.
There's a road under all this snow that we used to walk.

And here is a (partial) video of Carlos's walk:

If for some reason you can't see this video, click here.
(Sorry. That's 3 minutes of your life you'll never get back.)

Apparently he's a pretty good dog.

He pokes around the empty houses and mostly stops and looks up the trees and into the brush piles.

Even though he doesn't have any terrier or hunting dog in him (see his DNA test results here) he sure acts like one when it comes to squirrels. Or birds.

Last week he treed a squirrel, then stood patiently waiting for twenty minutes. That squirrel never came down.
I had to lure Carlos away with an offer of breakfast.
Food in the bowl trumps food in a tree any day for that dog.

Thanks for joining us on our walk.

Now go out and take one of your own.

The Vitamin D from the sun is good for you,
the exercise is good for you
and nature is good for you.

Just don't slip on the ice.
That is not good for you.

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