14 March 2013

Follow Up Friday: The Results are In

Follow Up Friday: The Results Are In!
Carlos De-Coded

Voila!  Carlos the dog's DNA results are back. 
(The original post on why we even bothered to DNA test the dog is here.)
And we have a surprise entry into the dog-soup.

Carlos the curious puppy.

Carlos has a pure-bred grandparent that was a Shar Pei.  This Shar-Pei apparently had questionable morals and taste and found a mixed breed to "wrestle" with. ( As we euphemistically used to put it when the kids asked "what are those ducks doing, mommy?")  

I can believe this is an ancestor.

But the surprise was the other grandparent that was a purebred Chow-Chow. Also a grandparent with questionable morals and taste that had a mixed breed consort. 
Honestly, where was the parental guidance for these dogs?

Really? Maybe.

And, there is no mention of German Shepherd anywhere in the mix.  The vet insisted there would be. But there are five lower levels of possible breeds that constitute the mixed-breed relatives.


The black saddle apparently comes from a Basset Hound. So do the drooping eyes. Looking at Carlos's eyes , I can believe that.

Carlos definitely was picking and choosing traits here.

Bullmastiff makes up the highest percentage of mixed breed which explains the size of his feet and why he is definitely heavier than the predicted "O! He should only be about 40 pounds" line that the vet gave me when I asked how big he would get.

O dear. I do see a resemblance here. 
And these dogs continue to grow for THREE years. 
O dear.

There's some Finnish Spitz in there, too.   Maybe in the coloring? 
And Carlos certainly is an exotic dog. How many nationalities are in that one little body?

Again, maybe?!

But from here it gets a little speculative. 
Cocker Spaniel? Really??
Honestly, no.

Irish Setter?? Really??

And no.

Maybe they just threw those last two in to cover all their bases. 

Which brings us to the REAL question.   Why is this Asian/Finnish/English/Irish dog named Carlos

And that is a whole 'nother post.

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